Refrigerator Parts

Refrigerators were invented in the 19th century, and have experienced many transformations since then. Nevertheless, those major working parts of every refrigerator haven’t changed much during history and are essentially the same.

We will describe these parts to you in a few words, so that you understand how it all works in a unit. After you learn how it works, you will be able to determine if you need a refrigerator repair or replace the part which is causing the issue.

Refrigerators are similar to air conditioners. However, air conditioners release cold air into a room, while refrigerators hold cold air in a box to keep your food and drinks cold.
Refrigerant is a vital part of every refrigerator. It starts as a gas, transforms into a liquid and becomes gas again as it circulates through the refrigerator.

At first, they used toxic gases as refrigerants, and then freon. Yet, it was discovered that freon harms the ozone layer, so nowadays, most refrigerators use something known as HFC-134a. It is colorless and naturally very cold.

The compressor is situated at the bottom, and is controlled by a electric motor. It raises the temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant gas and moves the steam to the condenser. The compressors are the most important parts of refrigerators.

refrigerator parts
Refrigerators are similar to air conditioners. However, air conditioners release cold air into a room, while refrigerators hold cold air in a box to keep your food and drinks cold.
Condensers are situated on the back, and you can recognize them by their large copper coils. When the refrigerant steam arrives in the condenser, it is cooled down and becomes liquid.

The expansion valve looks like a condenser with its copper tubes. This is where the liquid refrigerant goes by and the temperature and the pressure decrease. Because of this, the half of the liquid evaporates. The refrigerator absorbs heat during this action, and as a result of that, the temperature decreases.

The evaporator is built from copper and aluminum. This is the place where the rest of refrigerant liquid takes in heat and evaporates into steam once more. After that, the compressor extracts the steam out of the evaporator and the whole cycle replays itself.

Refrigerator doors arrive lined with door seals. These rubber seals prevent the air from coming in or coming out of the refrigerator, and maintain the temperature. Doors can also feature racks for bottles and eggs to expand the storage space.

Temperature controllers or thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator and in the freezer. Their sensors are linked to the evaporators. When it reaches the required temperature, it interrupts the electric supply to the compressors.

Then, the compressors stop and when the temperature decreases below the required level again, the electric supply to the compressor starts. Some new models even provide digital controls for temperature settings.
Crispers are compartments in the refrigerator where the temperature is the highest. This is for keeping vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer periods of time.

We hope you understand the refrigerator cycle a little better now. This whole process is an example of a closed system, i.e. nothing is gained or lost. All the refrigerant gas is held in the system and used again and again.

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