Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge Review

The Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge is one of the very best kinds and is designed for the top of the line. Along with fancy control panel, it also has versatile compartments, which are proven to be very useful.
The elegant French door of the unit provides more access points than a normal fridge. It comes with traditional double door on the top which opens to provide access to daily useable items such as milk and dairy products and is responsible for giving access to the fridge. At bottom, you’ll see a pull-out freezer and in between is an additional drawer that gives extra storage compartments with its own autonomous thermostat.

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Samsung RF263BEAESR Review

The Samsung RF263BEAESR French door refrigerator can stores up to 26 standard bags of groceries and keeps the food fresh and hygienic for longer time as compare to other units, courtesy of its twin cooling plus technology. The ice maker can produce 10 lbs. Of ice, so that bigger parties or gathering is no longer problem and one can fully enjoy them. The consumer can enjoy tremendous capacity of food storage because of its wide slide and flip up shelves. The stunning LED makes the unit beautiful and attractive from outside as well.

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Top 10 Refrigerator Brands

Determining which refrigerator brand is top in the market depends on various factors. Even though the brand name is very important, the quality of the product produced by the branded company plays a key role in defining its market position.

Along with the quality, the price, styling, functionality, and easy maintenance add more value to the brand. With respect to refrigerators, considering all the above mentioned factors, here are the top 10 leading brands in the industry.

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The GE ENERGY STAR GFE29HSDSS is another refrigerator model GE has produced keeping the customers in mind. The stainless steel finish makes it look sleek and adds to your kitchen décor. Some of the features offered by the GE ENERGY STAR GFE29HSDSS are the water dispenser, external ice dispenser, advanced filtration, LED lighting, spill proof glass shelves, twin chill evaporators, energy star rated, etc. The digital temperature control is very convenient to use.

With every model there are some pros and definitely some cons. It depends on the customer who is using the product.  Priced at $ 1899, this model helps the customer overlook the cons as it provides luxury at an affordable price.


GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS

The GE café series CFE29TSDSS is definitely a luxurious refrigerator. It is priced at $3099. But when you do your research, you find that there are refrigerators with fewer features priced at around $2500 or even at $3500 on the market. This is the first refrigerator with a hot water dispenser. Who can top that? We surely must appreciate GE for the technology that they have used to build this refrigerator model.

GE released this model in the first quarter of 2013. The company has a few other models priced equally but with fewer features when compared to the CFE29TSDSS. The least expensive model of GE French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer is priced at $1999. This is $1000 (a huge amount) less than the cost of the CFE29TSDSS. But it cannot be compared to the features, technology and the thought put into the CFE29TSDSS.

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Glass Door Refrigerator

Is it okay for you to have your refrigerator standing in the corner of your kitchen, letting people see the inside? If it doesn’t bother you, then you can go for the refrigerators with glass doors. The traditional door refrigerators keep your secrets safe. However, with this changing trend it is definitely good to learn more about the glass door refrigerators, their pros and cons.

Glass Front Refrigerator
Glass-Door Refrigerator

The glass door gives the sense of openness to the kitchen. It visually increases the kitchen space. With the stainless steel finish, the glass door refrigerators are upscale and add beauty to your kitchen décor. The glass doors help you display your collection of beverages, fruits, and vegetables and show your guests your taste and organizational skills. Frankly, the insides of the fridge look good if you do not cook. If you like to cook with large quantities of ingredients and store them for the future, there are going to be a lot of containers and Ziplocs on display. Which is not wrong, but just not very pleasing to look at.

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GE vs. Whirlpool Refrigerators

For some people, the cost factor plays an important role and for others, the features, when buying a refrigerator. When confronted with a dilemma, it is best to make an informed decision. Most of the top brands provide similar features, which makes the choice difficult. However, personal preference plays a very important role in buying a refrigerator for your home.

With GE and Whirlpool French door refrigerators, there is only a subtle difference. You can choose the one that makes you go wow!
The GE refrigerator has the full width temperature controlled drawer to store different types of food at their ideal temperatures. The color coding for different types of produce makes it very easy to use. It offers 5 different temperature controls; the Whirlpool refrigerator offers only 4. The fresh door refrigerator drawer makes it very easy to handle and store everyday items.

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When entering a shop to buy a refrigerator, you should have done your research and have knowledge about every product so that you can protect yourself from the cleverness of the salesman. You should keep a few things in mind when buying an electric appliance.

Keeping these in mind, I will give a brief account of the advantages of the Frigidaire FFHT1814LB.

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ELECTROLUX EI27BS26JS Refrigerator Review

The Electrolux EI27BS26JS offers everything that one could desire in a refrigerator while staying in your budget. It has glossy stainless finish, which makes it more attractive, ample amount of space, and a highly reliable unit. It surely increases the look and beauty of kitchen.

This stainless steel unit looks very shiny, although its not reflective enough to use for putting makeup or shaving but it definitely bounces off some light. You should think well before buying this unit if your kitchen gets direct exposure of sunlight or there is lot of children in the family because its gleaming finish didn’t hide the fingerprints at all.

ELECTROLUX EI27BS26JS Refrigerator

The inner of unit works like dream, as there are flexible shelves, which smoothly slides forward and back for easy access to daily useable items. The door shelves have large storage ability, which is very useful for storing tall wine bottles or gallon-sized containers.

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BOSCH LINEA 300 Series B22CS30SNS Rrefrigerator Review

Bosch Linea refrigeration has been satisfying the demands of millions of customers all over the world. Bosch Linea exclusively offers 300 Series B22CS30SNS. 36″ Side-by-Side Refrigerator stacked with various eminent characteristics like Multi-Flow Cooling System, Dual Evaporator, AirFresh Filter and Humidity Controlled Drawer.

Frameless Exterior:
This model has got decent and simply classic look as it has frameless exterior which makes it look simple yet classic.

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