Amana 25.5 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator Review

Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator
Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator is a perfect refrigerator for cooling and freezing

Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator is a perfect refrigerator for cooling and freezing. It offers enough storage space and Energy Star qualifications, which means it uses less power and saves a significant amount of money.

The freezer door provides you with an external ice and water dispensers with PUR filtration. PUR water filtration saves around 600 dollars per year, because you can get cold, filtered water straight from your refrigerator and you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. It also has Spillsaver glass shelves, a crisper drawer, deli drawer, and flexible door bins which covers all of your storage space requirements.

It is Energy Star qualified and CEE Tier II rated, therefore it can save you money, use less power and help in preservation of our natural resources.

External ice and water dispensers for simple access to ice and chilled water.

Ice-maker is factory installed and it easily produces fresh ice.

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Frigidaire FPUS2698LF Refrigerator Review

Frigidaire is one of the most prominent brands of home appliances, and they offer first-rate refrigerators to the consumer market. They provide some of the greatest and most trustworthy craftsmanship in the industry. This particular model is not much different, even though it is aimed at more professional customers.


Frigidaire boasts with the quality of this specific model and insists it has the best in class water filtration and the quality of ice. And they claim this because they have invested so much in their water and ice dispensers, so you can be sure that you have the highest quality available.

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Liebherr CS1660 Refrigerator Review

The Liebherr CS1660 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is an effective refrigerator with a smooth design. This particular refrigerator has been reviewed by Eco-rate as an energy-saving and energy-efficient refrigerator. Produced by a well-known and trustworthy brand in home appliances manufacturers, the Liebherr CS1660 is something that people who want to own a stylish refrigerator with good quality should buy. But, let’s look a little more closely to what this refrigerator has to offer.

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Maytag MFF2558VEM Refrigerator Review

Maytag MFF2558VEM is a great French door refrigerator with a likeable design and an amazing overall performance, though the inside doesn’t seem to high-end as the outside.  It costs around $1,800. But can be found even for 1,500 on sale.

As far as its design and usability are concerned, we’ve mentioned already that the inside isn’t that great looking, as it looks like it was borrowed from previous cheaper models. The inside is recognizable to all former Maytag refrigerator buyers. There is a freezer drawer which rolls out from the bottom and is separated by a plastic divider.

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Counter Depth Refrigerator

When you plan on having a new kitchen, you should think about all the possible things that are going to happen in there, from setting down your groceries to unloading your dishwasher, not to forget all the limitations you have. With that in mind, think about the design of your kitchen with a freestanding or a counter depth refrigerator.

Your large freestanding refrigerator could impact the great look of your kitchen. Maybe you bought it because it was on sale, had great features (-> must-have refrigerator features) and you thought it would fit. But, when you bring it back home, you find out that it doesn’t! Usually, nobody returns it, because it is either too late or too much trouble. That’s why it is important to select the right refrigerator for your kitchen, and a counter depth refrigerator is just the right choice for you.

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Looking For An Undercounter Refrigerator? Here Is Our Top 3

If you have a vacation home, and spend there only few weeks at a time, you probably don’t have room or need for a normal refrigerator. Maybe, an undercounter refrigerator is all you need, and you can stock up at the farmers market in order to avoid going to the store or a restaurant every day.

You can choose from different brands, but here are out top 3 undercounter refrigerators, based on what we were looking for. We based our results on usable space, stainless steel durability, door gaskets (the seals between the refrigerator and its door), food safety, digital displays and on/off buttons.

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Kenmore 79432 Top-Freezer Refrigerator Review

Kenmore product’s reliability and durability vary from model to model, because their appliances are made by many different manufacturers. In our review, we took a closer look at Kenmore 79432. Kenmore 79432 is both a refrigerator and a freezer, though looking from the outside it may not seem that way.

As far as its looks are concerned, the exterior of the fridge is glossy and sleek which gives a certain modern look to this freezer, though the inside is much more impressive. An interior water dispenser is present, which is an excellent new feature that does not use too much space at the top. A luxurious detail is in the LED lightning, which reflects through the glass in the door shelves’. Of course, there isn’t an available top-freezer refrigerator on the market with the capacity of Kenmore 79432 refrigerator, so automatically there is more space for the foods you enjoy.

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Best French door Refrigerators in 2013

Samsung RF4287AARS
Samsung RF4287AARS Drawers Open
The main task of a refrigerator is to preserve foods for a longer time.

An ideal refrigerator should be energy efficient, reliable and offers a lot of storage capacity.

In this article, we have compiled a summary of top two French door refrigerators of 2013 along with their brief description.

The Samsung RF4287HARS French door refrigerator is capable of storing 28 bags of groceries and keeps food fresh and hygienic courtesy to its Twin Cooling Plus technology.

One can enjoy remarkable flexibility in the food storage due to its flip up and slide in shelves.
Its luxurious gray interior and awesome LED lighting make the inside as charming and beautiful as the outside.

Like other Samsung products, it is energy star qualified and easily exceeds the federal standards for energy efficiency by which one can save a lot of money. The premium, tall and wide external water& ice dispenser delivers filtered water and cubed or crushed ice directly to your bottle or glass.
The digital control panel is very user-friendly and easy to use. The soft LED display keeps one informed about temperature, filter status and other things.

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Got iPhone 5S Gold? Thinking of Stylish Refrigerator? Meet Smeg FAB28U

Smeg is a renowned manufacturer of the domestic kitchen appliances. The company was found in 1948 and still working for the benefit and easiness of people. They are famous for their typical curved corners and wide range in variety in non-traditional colors like blue, pink, green and gold.

When one thinks of Smeg, straight away an icon in style looking, refrigerator comes in mind. The company aims is to provide smart electronic appliance, which will assist and revolutionize the home user.

The price is directly proportional to the amount of desirability; the greater elegant is design, more the price and vice versa.

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Haier HNSE032BB Mini Refrigerator

Mini Refrigerators are pretty in demand at present for their compact design, low cost, practical utility and sophisticated look. You need to have Small Refrigerators when you are residing alone in tight spaces like you might need them in your dormitories, hostel rooms, offices or may be for small families or a couple living in an apartment. Best to be placed as a luxurious, yet easy on the pocket commodity in Hotel Rooms and Inns for the tenant’s convenience.

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