Must-Have Fridge Features

Modern refrigerators provide us with a vast spectrum of simple and advanced features which are created to be suitable for all of our food-storage requirements. If you want to buy the best fridge for you, search for what is available and decide about the features most valuable to your needs.

Interior features

Sliding shelves give you more possibilities for putting in and taking out foods that are in the back of your refrigerator. Removable and adjustable shelves provide you with better flexibility to keep a wide range of various foods and drinks.

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Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are very much like residential refrigerator, but are usually bigger, cost more and are of higher technology. They are mostly used in the restaurant business where it is important to hold considerable quantities of perishable products, or in convenience stores to keep cold drinks. There are many commercial refrigerators with different designs and additional features, and it can be hard to choose which one to buy. We will try to help you with some tips.

First of all, decide what kind of a refrigerator you need. For example, if you need to keep huge amounts of food, but still preserve space, you need a pass-through refrigerator.

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Refrigerator Chillie :)

“Runaway” is a charming story about a misunderstanding between a man named Stanley and his treasured 1950’s refrigerator, named Chillie.

Set in present day, a sad event sends Chillie into a whirlwind of emotional turmoil, and as a result, he runs away.




A Brief History of Refrigerators

Refrigerators (or fridges) are ordinary domestic appliances that cool their insides to temperatures below the room temperature. Refrigeration is a key process of food storage in modern countries.

Before refrigerators were invented, people kept their food in ice-houses during the year. They were situated close to lakes or filled with snow and ice during the winter. Of course, natural ways of food storage are still present today, but not as much. The history of refrigerators started when William Cullen, a Scottish professor, invented a small refrigerator in the 18th century.

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How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Refrigerator Repair?

It is extremely important to think about the costs of repairing your refrigerator before you call the repairman. You wouldn’t want to pay much more than you could anticipate. Broken refrigerators should be repaired quickly, so that it can resume its much needed performance. So, the question is: how much should you expect to pay for the refrigerator repair?

Whether you do it by yourself, or you call a repairman, it will still cost you. Don’t forget the potential new parts for replacement of broken ones. When you it by yourself, you can considerably reduce the costs, but there is always the danger of a greater damage.

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Is Your Fridge Sending Malicious E-mails?

Nowadays, nearly everything is connected to the Internet. They invented smartphones, tablets, even refrigerators that could do almost anything you want online. However, recent cyber attacks have shown that our appliances could be turning against us.

As reported by a security firm called Proofpoint, a vast number of smart appliances were put in jeopardy in one of the first organized cyber attacks. The appliances that were involved in these attacks are smart TVs, wireless speaker systems, entertainment consoles, multi-media centers, home routers and even refrigerators.

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Appliance Repair In San Diego

San Diego is well known for its endless white-sand beaches and an idyllic climate. Its beautiful landscape and magnificent weather can put a smile on your face all the time.

Appliance Repair San Diego
As far as the economy is concerned, it boasts with tourism, international trade and manufacturing.

It is nicknamed “America’s finest city” for a good reason. It a center of arts and culture with its many museums, performing arts, multicultural festivals and celebrations. The difficult thing is deciding what do to, because of so many interesting land and water activities that guarantee a great time. As far as the economy is concerned, it boasts with tourism, international trade and manufacturing.

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Looking For An Undercounter Refrigerator? Here Is Our Top 3

If you have a vacation home, and spend there only few weeks at a time, you probably don’t have room or need for a normal refrigerator. Maybe, an undercounter refrigerator is all you need, and you can stock up at the farmers market in order to avoid going to the store or a restaurant every day.

You can choose from different brands, but here are out top 3 undercounter refrigerators, based on what we were looking for. We based our results on usable space, stainless steel durability, door gaskets (the seals between the refrigerator and its door), food safety, digital displays and on/off buttons.

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Fact #1: One Fridge is Dumped Each Two Days

According to an assessment, it is revealed that the average life expectancy of a fridge is 11 almost years. If it is used with the proper precautions and safety measures, a large amount of fridges remain in use for more than 20 years.

The number of fridges and freezers dumped by the illegal means has risen up in the past few years. It is mainly because of Rogues who pick up fridges and freezers left out by householders, which are to be collected by council workers.

According to the council, it is witnessed that some people are leaving fridges for scrap-men thinking they would recycle these dumped refrigerators.

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Got iPhone 5S Gold? Thinking of Stylish Refrigerator? Meet Smeg FAB28U

Smeg is a renowned manufacturer of the domestic kitchen appliances. The company was found in 1948 and still working for the benefit and easiness of people. They are famous for their typical curved corners and wide range in variety in non-traditional colors like blue, pink, green and gold.

When one thinks of Smeg, straight away an icon in style looking, refrigerator comes in mind. The company aims is to provide smart electronic appliance, which will assist and revolutionize the home user.

The price is directly proportional to the amount of desirability; the greater elegant is design, more the price and vice versa.

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