Buying a Wine Refrigerator?

With any big purchase, comes daunting thoughts. It is your money at stake and you do not want to risk it by making uninformed decisions. And it is for this reason that, before you decide to buy a new Wine Refrigerator, you need to consider a few factors. The most important factor is the amount of wine you are planning to store.

The more you store, the more capacity your wine refrigerator must have. To be on the safe side, you double the number of bottles you are planning to store. You never know how fond you will become of the collection. Generally, the advertised capacity is based on a standard Cabernet or Bordeaux shaped 750ml bottle. You do the math!

Wine cooler refrigerator
Wine cooler refrigerator
Next comes your wine preference. Whether you prefer red wine, white wine, or both matters a lot.

Since red and white wine must be stored at two different temperatures, it is wise to buy a single zone wine refrigerator if you prefer to drink only one type of wine.

If you or your family don’t mind experimenting with wine, the dual zone wine refrigerator would be the best choice.

Since the dual type provides options to program the temperature according to our needs, it is the best choice to store different types of wine.

Where your wine refrigerator is going to be placed in your house is the next key factor to be kept in mind. If you are going to have it in the living room, make sure that it complements the décor and is quiet.

You do not want your refrigerator to make creepy noises when you are relaxed or when you are entertaining guests.

If you are planning to keep it in the basement or garage, you need to make sure that it has the strong compressor as it has to put up with the fluctuating temperatures. However, it is always good to have your wine refrigerator in an easily accessible place with minimal temperature fluctuations.

There are some cosmetic features that you might want to consider before buying a wine refrigerator.  Wines are extremely sensitive to UV rays and hence a refrigerator with an LED bulb inside would make it safer. It also makes it easy to read the labels when you need to choose a bottle.

If you are very particular about keeping your collection highly protected, then you might have to go for the ones with built-in lock features. The type of door might be considered cosmetic, but it is a very important feature. Glass doors don’t insulate very well.

So, if you opt for a glass door, you need to make sure that the wine is not harmed by the UV rays that may pass through the glass door. Alternatively, the solid doors provide a good insulation feature; however, the glass doors help you see the wine collection more easily and clearly without opening the door.

The last, but the most important, factor to be considered is the cost. Though the wine refrigerators are costly, they are worth every penny. Even the most basic wine refrigerator doesn’t come cheap.

The better the quality, the better the wine aging process. If you want your wine to be safe and age without any problem, you need to opt for the best quality.  You cannot put a price on it.  To get a clearer idea about the wine refrigerators, go and look at some.

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