Amana 25.5 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator Review

Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator
Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator is a perfect refrigerator for cooling and freezing

Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator is a perfect refrigerator for cooling and freezing. It offers enough storage space and Energy Star qualifications, which means it uses less power and saves a significant amount of money.

The freezer door provides you with an external ice and water dispensers with PUR filtration. PUR water filtration saves around 600 dollars per year, because you can get cold, filtered water straight from your refrigerator and you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. It also has Spillsaver glass shelves, a crisper drawer, deli drawer, and flexible door bins which covers all of your storage space requirements.

It is Energy Star qualified and CEE Tier II rated, therefore it can save you money, use less power and help in preservation of our natural resources.

External ice and water dispensers for simple access to ice and chilled water.

Ice-maker is factory installed and it easily produces fresh ice.

PUR water filtration enables you to savor in glass after glass of excellent-tasting, filtered water and ice straight from your refrigerator.

Temp Assure temperature controls are situated inside your refrigerator and are easily accessible to provide you with simple access for adjusting the temperature in the refrigerator.

Temperature Control System keeps the temperatures constant.

Spillsaver glass refrigerator shelves prevent small spills from turning into huge messes. They can also be adjusted to fit to your needs.

Door bins are adjustable and easily removable for simple loading and fast cleaning. You will have a perfect spot for those big jugs of milk and juice bottles.

Fresh food compartment has 15.5 cu.ft. and the freezer compartment 10 cu.ft, so this refrigerator offers a very roomy storage space. If you use the space you need, you will surely have enough space for food and not waste more energy than required.

Wire freezer shelves provide you with a freezer which is easy to organize, and the freezer basket can easily slide out for appropriate storage and easy cleaning.

Control Lockout feature prevents unintended dispenser management.

Glowing interior lighting in the fresh food compartment and the freezer compartment enable you to find what you are looking for very easily.

Dairy center is a space for dairy products and it allows you to find your butter and yogurt easily.

You basically get what you paid for with Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator . It looks good, nice and shiny, and it is pretty light. It cools relatively quickly and the ice cubes are made very nicely.

Amana 25.5 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator has a lot of usable storage space, because of the glass door shelves. It offers many features, and it is easy to use. The only possible negative things we could mention would be pretty limited freezer space and the somewhat vague instructions for use. It is definitely a refrigerator that will pay off if you end up buying it.

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