3 Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Energy Efficient

No one can even think about living in a house without a Refrigerator. It would cost a lot of trouble if suddenly your Refrigerator slows down as in it stops working properly. So here we are going to discuss some points to keep your Refrigerator working just fine.

Clean the back of Refrigerator with a Vacuum cleaner every two months:
First of all, you should move away the Refrigerator from the wall. Most People tuck their Refrigerators completely with the wall. This is not the right way. If you stick the Refrigerator with the wall, the compressor on the back of it will not get much space to rotate the airflow and it may end up in slowing down the compressor. Back of the refrigerator gets dirtier as time passes.

Dust, Dirt and even Hair or Fur Fragments (if you are having pets) get stuck in the back of Refrigerator (Compressor Coils) and it can cause harm to the compressor and eventually it may go-slow. After cleaning the back of the Refrigerator, you’ll notice that the heat generated by your Refrigerator will flow with the air easily because there is no dust, dirt or furry fragments blocking its way.

Prevent Refrigerator Repair
Prevent Refrigerator Repair

Cleaning the back of Refrigerator every two months will make your refrigerator run smoothly and efficiently for sure. When the Refrigerator runs effortlessly, digits on your bills will drop down eventually.

– Put a lid on everything stored in your Refrigerator. Don’t put anything without cover or lid on it, whether it is Milk, Meat, Sauce, Cheese or anything. You can wrap Cheese (whether it is Hard or Soft) in a paper or plastic sheet.

The reason behind this is, The Foods without covers on it will exhaust its moist vapors in to the Refrigerator’s atmosphere. For this reason, the compressor of your Refrigerator will have to work more.

This will badly affect your compressor because it has to perform two times harder to eliminate the extra moisture which your uncovered foods have leached inside your Refrigerator.

In addition to this, do not put warmer foods in your Refrigerator. Even at night, you are feeling darn sleepy or can’t wait to go to sleep, please wait for the foods to get at least milder from hot state.

Do not put them in the Refrigerator. Because if you do this, your Refrigerator has to work twice harder to cool it down to the normal level and it may ultimately cause it to break down.

So even if you have to wait to get your hot foods in normal temperature. So Please Wait!

– Another thing which causes your Refrigerator to slow down is the Door which has been opened for a while. I have so many folks doing this (Leave the children, grownups do the same).

I don’t know why people stare at their Refrigerators thinking, with the doors wide open. I mean what do they Expect? It is seriously so weird as well as harmful for your Refrigerator. The warm air flows and sets inside the Refrigerator which again means to double-up the compressor’s task.

If you need anything from the Refrigerator, take it out and close the door. If you quickly take anything you want from the Refrigerator and shut its door, that will minimize the warm air rushing into the Refrigerator and it will work efficiently.

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