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When you think about it, your refrigerator is one of the few machines in your house that works constantly, and keeps your food fresh and cold. Therefore, it is really extraordinary that they break down so rarely. In case it does need to be repaired, there is a good chance that you will pay a lot of money and replace all your spoiled food.

But, there is no need to be scared. We will give you some useful tips on how to repair your fridge and freezer yourself, which can not be found in any refrigerator repair book, and these will save you time and money.

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We will give you some useful tips on how to solve the most of refrigerator problems.

So, why would your good old fridge ever stop working?

There are many possible reasons for that, and we will mention just some of them. Here are the refrigerator troubleshooting steps that you will be able to do by yourself:

Ice-maker problems

Ice-maker is one of the standard refrigerator parts if we are talking about today’s modern refrigerators. If your ice-maker stopped working or started making tiny cubes, the problem is often in blocked water supply.

You should check whether the water inlet tube is plugged, because of the low water pressure. After that, unblock the saddle valve if the hole is clogged. In addition, change the water inlet valve.

A leaky refrigerator

If you have a fridge with an ice-maker or a water dispenser, check out the inlet valve and tighten the compression nuts if they are leaking.
The second possibility is that your fridge is not leveled, so water spills out of the pan. The third possibility is that the drain tube is clogged, and requires draining (It is likely that for this one you will need to call a pro).

Fridge won’t cool

The first possibility is a loss of power, which can be checked if you look at the light when you open your fridge door. The next step is to check the thermostat and the vents, because it could be that someone accidentally turned them down. Don’t forget to clean the coils if they are blocked by dirt, because air has to flow smoothly. Make sure that the condenser fan is clear from dust and trash.

A noisy fridge

There are three places from which fridge noises can come from: the compressor, the condenser fan motor, or the evaporator fan motor. When you pull out the fridge and unscrew the back cover, you will be able to tell where the noise is coming from – the compressor or the fan. If the problem is in the compressor, it is best to buy a new fridge.

However, the fan motor can easily be replaced by removing it and installing a new one. If the sound is louder when the fridge door is opened, then the evaporator fan motor is the problem, but it is relatively easy to replace. Just unscrew the back cover panel and install a new fan.

If you are ever in need for a replacement part for your fridge, you will need the make and model number

No light in the fridge

Check the small button inside the fridge, because it turns off the light when the door closes. Press on it several times and make sure that it button is not stuck. If that is not the problem, remove the bulb and replace it.

In most cases, refrigerator repair cost will vary depending on which part need to be replaced. If you will need a replacement part for your fridge, you will need the make and model number, which is often placed inside the fridge, or check your owner’s manual.

Why is maintenance so important?

Don’t forget that a fridge is a big investment, but requires little maintenance. You should treat your refrigerator fine, and by doing that you will save a lot (in a long run).

Hey, everything you said is ok, but it would be great if You could hear more from a refrigerator repairman in my area!

Yes, yes, we do not live in a perfect world. So, if you end up with a problem, try some of these simple solutions(or check our other tips) before calling a licensed technician or buying a new refrigerator. If you want to hear more from licensed repairman in your area, visit our USA appliance repair experts page or Canada appliance repair experts page

Enjoy browsing our website and read more about fridge repair.

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