When It Is time to Buy a New Refrigerator

Refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers are commonly used appliances in homes, and they consume almost 17 percent of the total electricity used. If we look at the refrigerator in particular, it operates 24/7 year after year.

Hence it is responsible for the major portion of your monthly electricity usage. Like other appliances, it also has a life time after which one definitely needs to replace it, so here are five warnings, which indicate that it’s time to get a new fridge.  

The first thing to look for is signs of moisture. Is there any sign of condensation on the inner door frame or not? Moisture means that the rubber seal, whose function is to keep cold air in and warm air out, isn’t working properly.

It is time to buy a new refrigerator
Fridge Dump

This forces the motor to run more frequently; this ends up increasing the electricity usage, which will cost the consumer extra money. To change the seal, you don’t need any special skills as you can easily do it yourself, but if this is only one of many problems in your refrigerator, then it’s wise to buy a new one rather than spending money on its maintenance.
The second thing to look at is whether your refrigerator is generating heat or not. We all know that the basic purpose of a refrigerator is to keep food fresh and cold, but if your unit is generating a lot of heat from its back or coil, then a replacement is a must.

Technology is evolving with the passage of time, and modern technology in refrigerators ensures improved insulation in the door, and its exterior walls also help in maintaining the normal temperature.

The new units are energy-efficient, and they are now more precise in their defrost and temperature mechanisms, hence they produce less heat and keep the refrigerator at its optimum performance.

All the refrigerators have an on-off timer. It ensures that the motor will operate adequately to maintain the desired temperature inside. The opening and closing of the door is an important factor that contributes a lot to the running of the motor. So it is recommended to avoid unnecessary opening/closing of the fridge and to keep the kids away from the unit, because it often happens that kids open the door and forget to close it.

This puts an extra load on the motor, which sometimes results in the burn out of the motor.
Ideally, a refrigerator should maintain a temperature of 35 to 37 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep all the food fresh. Anything higher than the above mentioned temperature will result in spoilage of food, and a lower temperature will result in freezing of products, which will cause problems. For testing purposes, you can buy a refrigerator thermometer; however, if you are observing that vegetables, fruits, and dairy products are spoiling, then it’s time to shop for a new unit.
Finally, if your refrigerator needs manual defrosting, then it’s 100% sure that it’s time for the replacement, because the more ice and frost build up on the inside of a unit, the harder it needs to work.

In manual defrosting, excess ice often forms inside the refrigerator. To avoid this consequence, one should buy a new refrigerator; it will be more energy-efficient and the buyer will save an enormous amount of money.

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