Top 5 Worst Enemies of your Refrigerator

Temperature settings play a vital role in the efficiency of a refrigerator. Lowering the temperature below required standards can be very harmful for the unit. As we all know, a temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit and freezing temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit is always required to avoid food spoilage.  For testing of your refrigerator temperature, you can use a thermometer.

One can place it in a glass of water and check after eight hours to see the exact temperature.

The automatic ice maker increases the unit’s energy usage by 15-21%, so it is advisable to turn it off and go back to traditional ice-cube trays. Turning it off is an easy process, and it only requires 5 minutes.

Usually, there is a switch located at the front of an ice maker, and one just has to flip it to the “off” position. If you have an old refrigerator and there isn’t any switch present, then lift the metal arm, which is located at the side of maker and turn it off. If you want to permanently remove it, you can consult the refrigerator manual for the procedure.

If the condenser coils of the refrigerator aren’t clean, then the refrigerator will definitely not work at optimum performance. So it is recommended to vacuum the coils several times during the year for the long life of the refrigerator. If your refrigerator is running but is not cooling enough, this is an indicator that it’s time for the cleaning of the condenser coils.

These coils are usually located either at the back of the refrigerator or at the top of a unit. To avoid electric shock, it is always recommended to unplug the unit before attempting any cleaning or maintenance.
First, we will discuss the step by step procedure for cleaning those coils that are located at the bottom.


  • Make sure that refrigerator is unplugged.
  • Remove the grille.
  • If there is any dust or dirt, then clean it by using a refrigerator brush.
  • Vacuum for in depth cleansing.
  • Replace the grille.
  • Plug the refrigerator back in.

Now we will discuss cleaning those coils that are at the top of the refrigerator.


  1. Disconnect the power at a circuit breaker.
  2. Raise the grille panel, which you have already located on the top of the unit. Some extra precautionary measures are required here because the fins have very sharp edges, and one has to wear a long-sleeved shirt and gloves for safe operation.
  3. Now use the vacuum hose to remove the dust.
  4. Reconnect the power at the circuit breaker.

The worst thing you can do to your refrigerator is to keep it near a heat source. It exponentially decreases the life of a unit so it advised to keep it away from the oven or dishwasher. The extremes of temperature are not good; it means that one also shouldn’t place it near the window.

The last thing you can do to keep your refrigerator running smoothly is to keep it organized. In an ideal refrigerator, one should be able to find things quickly, and for this it is advisable to label the shelves for quick access to foods and beverages.

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