Top 10 Refrigerator Brands

Determining which refrigerator brand is top in the market depends on various factors. Even though the brand name is very important, the quality of the product produced by the branded company plays a key role in defining its market position.

Along with the quality, the price, styling, functionality, and easy maintenance add more value to the brand. With respect to refrigerators, considering all the above mentioned factors, here are the top 10 leading brands in the industry.

LG Refrigerators
LG Refrigerators
  1. LG – Formally known as Goldster, LG is the leading electronic device manufacturer. It produces high-end refrigerators with advanced technologies. Its products are the most stylish and luxurious at affordable prices. LG refrigerators gets the first place in the top 10 list of refrigerator brands.
  2. Samsung – When you say LG, the immediate brand that comes to your mind is Samsung. Samsung is a Korean based company. They are pioneers in the electronic device manufacturing industry. The refrigerators introduced by this company to the market have set high standards. It produces high quality and durable refrigerators and is in second place.
  3. GE – The General Electronic Company is an American company based in Connecticut. It is the sixth largest company in the United States and manufactures refrigerators with excellent features like LCD monitors, fold away shelves, etc. The warranty and service provided by this company are praised very highly. GE stands third in the list.

  4. Whirlpool – Whirlpool is a leading manufacturer of home appliances. It has around 70 research centers around the world and is well known for innovative ideas. Its refrigerators are very popular. Whirlpool takes the fourth place in the top 10 list.
  5. Kitchen Aid – This company is very well known for stylish and luxurious kitchen appliances. Its mixers are the most popular ones on the market. After being acquired by Whirlpool, its refrigerators have gained popularity among individual dealers, making them fifth in the list.
  6. Electrolux – This is a Sweden company and the major competitor for Kitchen Aid. According to a leading magazine, Electrolux is in the top 5 for manufacturing durable goods. They manufacture some world class luxurious refrigerators and are in sixth place.
  7. Kenmore – Kenmore is owned by KCD IP, LLC and sells products manufactured by other companies like GE, Panasonic, etc. The first Kenmore branded product that was sold in the market was the Kenmore Washing machine. The Kenmore Elite and Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerators manufactured by this company are very popular. It takes seventh place in the list.
  8. Sub-zero Freezer Company – It produces refrigerators that are a little different from other leading manufacturers. The refrigerators are high-end using advanced technology and are very stylish. This company is in the eighth position in the list.
  9. Thermador – It is a brand which is owned by the BSH Home Appliance Corporation. They specialize in cooking related equipment like ovens, dishwashers, stovetops, and refrigerators. Their refrigerators are very stylish, highly efficient, and durable. They are in the ninth position in the top 10 list of leading refrigerator brands.
  10. Viking This company manufactures high end home appliances. Viking, like Thermador, provides various kitchen related products like stove tops, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.
    It is one of the main competitors for Thermador, Kenmore, etc. It is in tenth position in the top 10 list of leading refrigerator brands.

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