Tip #2: Cleaning The Refrigerator

A refrigerator is considered as heart of the kitchen. One heavily depends on it for safe storage of all fresh foods until they are required to be used.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of mishandling seen in refrigerators, and they are usually overloaded.  Most of the people put unnecessary things in it just to make it look full.

The best time of cleaning of a refrigerator is when one goes for grocery shopping because at this instance, it is almost empty and one can avoid a lot of fuss in management of things. There is lot of benefits of keeping your fridge clean. The items inside it remain more fresh and hygienic and one can save lot of money because there isn’t any food spoilage and in some cases it is seen that electricity bills are also reduced.

It keeps all the family healthier, as all the members get bacteria free food. Now we will discuss some of the tips for cleaning of a refrigerator.  Most of the experts recommend that for best results one should refer to the fridge manual; however, here are some of the generic tips, which are applicable to all the units.

First of all, one should turn off the refrigerator. Then take out all the items out of it. Now is the perfect time for throwing out old stuff, including limp vegetables, cartons and old sauces, which are kept in the unit door for a long time. Same process is advised for the freezer.  A lot of people has wrong perception in mind that food stored in a freezer remains fresh forever. It is recommended to throw out the things that are present for more than three months. Generally, the food starts absorbing smell and is not too tasty after spending long time in the freezer.

Next thing to do is removing of shelves and drawers. One should take out all the removable drawers and set them aside. Usually these are made up of metal or plastic and can easily be washed with hot water with the help of dish soap. However, for glass pieces, one need to first warm them up to room temperature before start washing with hot water. By doing this, one can avoid any breaking or cracking.

After that, one should wipe down the interior of the refrigerator. To do this one can use clean cloth with hot water. The use of mild detergent such as dish soap will be handy in this process. This can be started from top to bottom so that dripping on already cleaned surfaces will be avoided.

The tough stuck can be removed with the help of a plastic scrubber. Another possible solution is to lay out a warm wet cloth over the problematic surface for few minutes; this will soften the spilled area, and it will become easier to wipe them away. To ensure complete inner cleanliness one can rinse clothes thoroughly inside the unit. For this purpose, multiple clean clothes can be used.

Lastly, experts recommend wiping of spills immediately as they occur, and not to store food for more than two weeks. The monthly throwing out of old food is also suggested. These are some of the brief tips for long life of the refrigerator. Moreover, addition of baking soda box will eliminate all the odors in the unit.

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