Take Care About Your Refrigerator

refrigerator repair orange countyJust as with any other electronic appliance in the home, the refrigerator requires regular care in order to guarantee a prolonged lifespan.

In fact, given that this is the one appliance that stores most of the perishable foods in the home, it should be given priority.

It many cases it is also a fairly expensive electronic and only proper care can ensure costly refrigerator repairs will be avoided. First and foremost is the issue of cleanliness.

Both the interior and exterior of a refrigerator should be kept clean by routine cleaning.

Mild detergent and warm water can be sued to wipe down the exterior and the shelving and walls within. This should be done on a weekly basis and whenever there is some spillage.

To avoid odour build-up, especially when smelly food like fish has been stored,
a homeowner can place a bowl with some dissolved baking soda in the refrigerator for a few hours. This is an effective deodorizer.

The refrigerator should also be positioned a few inches from the wall. This room is necessary so as to allow sufficient air reach the coils that work to ensure the lowered temperature inside the refrigerator.

If little room is left the device will be forced to work harder as it will heat up faster, and a sustained whirling noise can be heard.  These coils also tend to attract dust, so once in a while run a vacuum over the area to keep it clean.

The second consideration to take into account when caring for a refrigerator is how to ensure energy efficiency. The refrigerator is an electronic device that runs all day, every day. Minimizing its energy consumption not only manages the power bill, it also keeps it running for longer.

When it comes to setting the temperature, it is a good idea to refer to the manual that comes with the device. In case it is not available, the general rule of thumb is to use lower settings when there are few items being stored and higher settings when there are many. It is also useful to put food in covered containers or wrapped in polythene bags. This reduces the moisture exposure within the refrigerator and eliminates food odours building up. The containers should also be as widely spaced as possible when arranged on the shelves. This will make it easier for air to circulate and the temperature to be controlled.

The door to the refrigerator should also be kept firmly closed when not in use so as also to maintain the temperature and prevent the motor from overworking.

Another concern in maintenance must be the level of ice in the freezer. It is necessary to regularly defrost a refrigerator as too much ice makes the device work harder, reduces space for storage and can compromise cleanliness. When defrosting is to be done, food should be cleared out.

Once the defrosting is over and the appliance cleaned of all the water, close the door and let the device run for about fifteen minutes before putting back food on the shelves.

refrigerators repairAs an electronic device, the refrigerator is vulnerable to surges in power. It is not uncommon for interruptions in power flow to occur and lead to damage of electronics. As it is not possible for homeowners to spend all day monitoring the electrical power levels, it is advisable to invest in a power guard device that will protect the appliance.

These devices are connected to the power outlet and regulate the amount of electricity that reaches the appliance. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure that a homeowner gets maximum use of their electronic with minimal need for refrigerator repairs in the long run.

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