Stainless Steel Refrigerator Maintenance

Stainless steel refrigerators are the most preferred refrigerators by homeowners. You need not do a survey to know the answer.
It is true that these refrigerators look amazing and add a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Any homeowner or condo owner you talk to will respond with delight if you ask about their kitchen appliances. However, the truth is these stainless steel appliances are high maintenance.

They easily scratch and do not have magnetic properties. Also, if you have little ones in your house, the fingerprints left by them are clearly shown, which is annoying. With all this in mind, you might believe it is an enormous task maintaining your stainless steel refrigerator. Nothing is impossible. It just takes hard work.

Like any other traditional refrigerator, these stainless steel ones must also be cleaned once a month.
– Remove all the items from the fridge.
– Take out the removable parts and clean them in the sink with soap. Let them dry.
– Use warm soapy water to wipe the inside of the fridge.
– Let it air dry if you have time or pat it dry with a dry cloth.
– To remove any odor, you could choose vinegar, lemon juice, or dry oats. Just place a filled cup inside and close the door. Leave it for some time and voila!
– Place all the removed parts inside after they are dried completely.

Do this once every 30 days and you will be surprised at the results.

Samsung french-door refrigerator
Samsung french-door refrigerator

One other major issue that every owner faces is scratches. Though these refrigerators are resistant to corrosion, it doesn’t mean they do not get scratches. This can be easily solved by using the stainless steel scratch removal kits available in any home improvement store.

There are also cleaners to avoid this.
-Add baby oil to the affected area. This makes the area look dull.
-Gently wipe it off with petroleum jelly to restore its shine.
-Buff it up till it is dry.
-Throughout this process, be gentle and do not use harsh cleaners or cleaning materials. They may add more damage to your appliance.

The next issue that needs your attention is the fingerprints. This is the most common and the most annoying issue one might face. It requires a regular wipe down of the appliance with a damp cloth with just warm water (if you are a person who cleans regularly) or use any of the all-purpose cleaners available on the market. Use a soft cloth for cleaning purposes.

Immediately dry the surface with a dry cloth to prevent impressions of water droplets that makes the appliance look ugly, literally!

refrigeratorOther than this, make sure you close the refrigerator door properly. This ensures the temperature is maintained. A well maintained temperature means a happy compressor and a long life for your appliance. Clean the condenser coil twice a year. This improves the refrigerator performance. Always keep the refrigerator at the correct temperature (i.e., between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at zero degrees). Stock the fridge as full as possible. The less empty space, the more efficiently your fridge behaves. If there is a power outage, do not open the doors of the refrigerator. Keep them closed.
A closed fridge keeps the food safe for at least four hours. With all these factors in mind, you can have a better functioning and better looking refrigerator in no time.

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