Some of Unusual Refrigerator Problems

Having a refrigerator at home is a normal part of our everyday life, as are problems that come with it. Ordinarily, you are used to dealing with these problems. However, there are some more unusual problems you can encounter, and suddenly, question marks appear above your head.

Warm fridge

If you have children, the first thing you should do is check whether they messed with the controls, and intentionally, or accidentally, shut them off. Warm fridge could also be the indicator that warm humid air was coming from the outside, so any holes behind the fridge should be closed.

Door seal problem

This is a problem that doesn’t occur often, and is usually the consequence of pets chewing on them, or children climbing or hanging on the refrigerator door. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t assume a door seal problem unless the gap between the seal and the door frame is visible with the door closed.

Compressor oil

When moving, the fridge must be kept upright, because the compressor oil might run out if you turn it sideways. The outcome could be the lack of lubrication, and the compressor would quickly burn out.

Pets and rodents

Rodents like to crawl into the compressor, and they can stop the condenser fan. Also, rodents and cats like to chew wires and insulation, which causes electrical problems.

Light problems

If the fridge was cold in the bottom, and warm in the top, the interior lights are probably not turning off. This could be caused by a defective door switch, which is a problem solved with relatively no effort. The other could be the removable interior shelf, and could be solved by simply removing it.

Bad Odor
Bad odor could be one of the most difficult problems

Bad odor

Bad odor could be one of the most difficult problems, depending on what is causing it.

There are a variety of things that could cause odor problems: plastic interiors which absorb odors (baking soda might help here), or if everything melted in the fridge (cleaning with a mild soap might help).

Strange noises

If you hear a buzzing noise, that could be the sign of the fan running into something, or it might be the vibration of the defrost drain pan or compressor mounts if they are loose.

Whistling is often a sign that the evaporator fan motor needs replacing.
Hissing of gurgling happens right after the compressor shuts off, and it is an indication of the Freon flowing through the system.
The strange noise should stop when the pressure adjusts.


The little things

If  have a broken handle, or a broken light bulb, or some cracked shelf for some time now, and it is all you can think about, but you are doing nothing about it. Well, it is time to make it all work. Those things are cheap, and you will not think about it anymore.

These seemingly unusual problems can all usually be fixed by yourselves, but you can always call the repair technician if you are unable to solve what is causing the problem. They can usually do it in a matter of minutes, which can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money.

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