Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge Review

The Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge is one of the very best kinds and is designed for the top of the line. Along with fancy control panel, it also has versatile compartments, which are proven to be very useful.
The elegant French door of the unit provides more access points than a normal fridge. It comes with traditional double door on the top which opens to provide access to daily useable items such as milk and dairy products and is responsible for giving access to the fridge. At bottom, you’ll see a pull-out freezer and in between is an additional drawer that gives extra storage compartments with its own autonomous thermostat.

On the left-hand door of the unit, there is an awesome LCD screen, this not only works to control it but also provide one with series of interesting apps. The ice and water dispenser is located under this panel. It has ample space and is deep enough to hold virtually all size glasses.

The WIFI-enables LCD screen acts as a built-in tablet for your unit, with speakers and SD input. The touch screen is bright (as expected according to Samsung standards) and offers a wide range of screen savers that a user can set, which remains active on the screen.
The reviews have shown that many users find it difficult in using the controls as the screen can be fastidious, and you just have the option to use single app at time, means there is no simultaneous access to two or three apps. Moreover, the display only works with Wi-Fi as there isn’t any external port available.

Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge
Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge

If we take a look at temperature control, it seems to be quite good and very stable because there is no fluctuation at all. It keeps the food items in a moderate range due to which food remains fresh and hygienic and there isn’t any undue damage of spoilage of food.

This is due to its twin cooling plus system, which provides separate airflow from the fridge to the freezer, hence improves freshness. The efficient system keeps humid air out of a freezer which reduces the freezer burn and improves the quality of frozen food.

Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge 2
Samsung RF4289HARS smart fridge
When it came to moisture preservation, there are generally two kinds of opinions or results. First, one is mind-blowing, awesome, superb performance that gets extra-ordinary praise and second is lukewarm or normal performance, unfortunately this unit fall in the latter category.

The fruits and vegetables will remain fresh for two or three days, and one shouldn’t expect them to last for weeks just because you have bought an expensive refrigerator.

This is ENERGY STAR®-rated unit; it means that one can save a lot of money by conservation of energy.

It also has a smart alarm alert which keeps one aware if the door is left open.

In the end, we can conclude by that the performance of this Samsung unit was all right or average. This isn’t up-to marks for such an expensive refrigerator i-e for $3,699. You can get definitely get a better unit than this in $3000 to $3200 range. Need a repair? Read Samsung Refrigerator Repair

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