Viking Refrigerator Pros And Cons

viking refrigeratorViking Corporation is a big appliance producer and sells refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers and outdoor refrigeration products.

Naturally, their refrigerators have their good sides and bad sides, and we have tried to make a list of what we like and don’t like in their freestanding refrigerator line.



  • air filtration inside the refrigerator, more precisely Plasma cluster Ion Air Purifier that removes airborne mold, bacteria and other pollutants
  • two high-humidity zone crispers, and a flexible cold zone crisper which can be adjusted for produce and meat with individual temperature settings.
  • electronic controls to keep the temperature within 1 degree
  • adaptive defrost settings which improve food storage because of the less numerous defrost periods
  • full extension crisper for simple access
  • big capacity ice-maker in its automatic ice-maker
  • offers great warranties – 3 years
  • convenient, enough storage space, looks great
  • additional features that make it a complete package for your kitchen
  • premium water filter, door alarm, accessible controls
  • the majority of refrigerators are Energy Star qualified, so they should save you some money on electric bills


  • possible problems with a repair service (defective replacement parts, shipping via ground. out of stock for a part, waiting for months, showing up late etc.)
  • frequent compressor problems
  • some say that Viking refrigerators look great, but that is where anything good stops
  • the screw that holds the door hinge is frequently faulty
  • frequent problems with ice-makers (some people report that their ice-maker breaks at least once a year)
  • center support for the bottom food crispers is not wide enough on some models, so the crispers fall off the slider. This is a problem that is not hard to fix, but Viking repair service often ignores the calls
  • there is a temperature imbalance between the refrigerator and the freezer on some models – sometimes the refrigerator is too cold, sometimes the fridge is too warm; or food on the top shelf of the refrigerator freezes, and the food in the freezer does not
  • the light above the water dispenser comes when it wants
  • the door hinges get stuck and make a lot of noise when you try to open the door
  • the doors do not align
  • the alarm has a tendency to go off randomly
  • some models have problems with water in vegetable crispers and the shelves, so the food spoilage is very high


All in all, these are all statements based on different models of Viking refrigerators, but we can conclude that Viking refrigerators are quite pricey and deal with many problems.

They offer some amazing features, great looks and spaciousness, so it is quite disappointing that these expensive refrigerators cause so many problems according to various customer reviews and reports.

People always choose the best refrigerator that meets their needs and is in their price range, but you should think twice about buying a Viking refrigerator.