Buying A Sub Zero Refrigerator?

Because of their excellent quality and unparalleled style, sub zero refrigerators are sometimes called the Apple Macbook of refrigerators or your kitchen’s luxury car (refrigerator repair is something that you can forget about for a long time after buying a sub zero fridge). Naturally, the prices are different from model to model, but you will not make a mistake whichever you choose.

The price is usually a little higher, and can scare some interested buyers off. But it is not all about the price. Sub zero refrigerators have the quality and the design that make it worth the money. Some models offer synchronization of your wine cooler to your alarm system, and this guarantees a high quality. An amazing air purification system and microprocessor maintain your food fresher, because they make the required temperature adjustments.

The preservation of your fresh or frozen foods is ensured over time, because moisture and climate in the regular chambers are different that those in the freezer. Standard refrigerators have only one compressor for both the freezer and refrigeration units. This produces some quality issues, because the compressor tries to preserve the optimal environment for the food. Sub zero refrigerators have a compressor and an evaporator for each chamber, which use less energy and keep food fresher for longer periods of time than an average refrigerator would.

Microprocessor keeps up with your climate and time. For example, in the summer, it will require less defrosting. Air purification with build in air filters remove ethylene gases and this has a huge impact on keeping you food fresh. It also eliminates the mold, bacteria and viruses from your refrigerator. Sub zero refrigerators have a energy star certificate, and that means that they save energy, money and the environment.

PRO48 refrigeration units are made of 100% steel
Since there are many different models, we will mention just some of them. PRO48 refrigeration units are the elite product of the sub zero line, and are used for both commercial and home purposes.
They stand alone and are made of 100% steel. They are our top offer regarding different features and allure, because they have dual refrigerators and three evaporators. They are big units and can hold a lot of food.
There is the option to choose between the regular steel door, and a glass door. Built-in sub zero refrigerators are made specifically for your kitchen, so they can’t stand alone like the PRO48, and have less space.
Although, that still doesn’t mean that you are not going to be satisfied with this type of a refrigerator.

Integrated sub zero refrigerators can be built into your cabinets. They are very much alike the built-in refrigerators, but are not the same size as the traditional ones.

Sub zero refrigerators is now a brand name that made a significant impression as far as integrated and built-in units are concerned. Their units are technically exceptional and they offer features that can compare to any other brand name in the market. They can easily adapt to your home interior, and look like and other cabinet. In a way, sub zero refrigerators change the way you think about these types of appliances, because the modern features don’t compromise the aesthetics.