SMEG Refrigerators – Beauty Or Something More?

SMEG is an appliance manufacturer from Italy. They offer beautifully designed appliances, especially refrigerators. But apparently, this is where the beauty stops. We will present some of our reviews on SMEG refrigerators, as well as numerous online customer reviews.

Basically, everyone agrees that having a SMEG refrigerator makes your kitchen looks better. However, the question arises do you require beauty in your kitchen or do you require something more? If the answer is something more, then maybe SMEG refrigerators aren’t for you.

Now, this is not something we can claim for all the models, and all the refrigerators, but almost every review on the Internet is unanimous: don’t buy a SMEG refrigerator.

SMEG refrigerators
In our opinon, SMEG refrigerators are great to look at, but not as good to keep your food in them.
First of all, they are definitely not cheap. They offer retro style refrigerator-freezers and you would expect to see a blend of old school looks with modern finish and colors which should definitely make a statement in your kitchen.

You’ll probably be disappointed, because the price doesn’t appear to be a representative of the quality in this particular case. These lively colors should give you a feeling of happiness when you enter the kitchen.

After a while, your happiness disappears. Some models offer a small storage space with a compartment instead of a real freezer. Not to mention more power than you can imagine with such small storage space.

Some say that SMEG refrigerators are made for the European way of life – buying food for the next 24-48 hours, because they definitely don’t have enough space for superstore buying habits in the United States.

When problems with your refrigerator start appearing, you would think that the repair service would be the answer to all of your troubles. But you would be very wrong. The service proved to be poor with expensive parts and very late technicians.

Many people report problems with the door seals. And the bigger problem is that you can’t replace just the door seals, you have to replace the whole door which is a pretty expensive replacement. In those models where the seals do work, they are too strong so the door won’t open on their own.

That usually wouldn’t be a problem, but in this case the whole refrigerator rocks and shakes when you open it. Furthermore, while it looks great on the outside, the rubbers are not good at all, and the interior plastic is of inferior quality and is falling apart.

All in all, SMEG refrigerators are great to look at, but not as good to keep your food in them. They are usually overpriced, and offer lower quality on the inside than what they appear to be offering on the outside. If something breaks, it takes a lot of money to repair it, using expensive parts and low quality service.

Basically, don’t buy a SMEG refrigerator unless you absolutely have to. Read the reviews online and search all the available sites on the Internet. You will find that most of the people can’t be wrong when saying the same thing about the SMEG refrigerators.