Maytag Refrigerators

The Maytag Corporation was an American appliance enterprise, and now it is a brand belonging to Whirlpool. It was founded in 1893 and they produced washing machines. They started producing washers, dryers and refrigerators in the 1950s. Over the course of years, they produced different home appliances and were bought by Whirlpool in 2006.

maytag refrigerators
Maytag refrigerators offer many interesting and innovative features, as well as the traditionally useful styles and designs.

If you are wondering what you can find in Maytag refrigerators, we are here to help you. Maytag provides you with all the right features for your lifestyle and the size of your family. Their refrigerators provide you with features made to hold the cold along with 10-year limited parts warranties, Better Built compressors on special models, firm box hinges and freezer drawers that are able to hold even 120 lbs. of various foods.

Whether your are buying for a family of four or just for you, they provide you with many refrigerators with different sizes and capacities to best satisfy your wants and needs. They offer different options which also allow you to choose between various door styles and colors that best suit you and your kitchen. Not to forget something really important – they offer Energy Star certified refrigerators. Since your refrigerators run non-stop, it is valuable to have a refrigerator that helps you save money and conserve energy.

They offer four different configurations of refrigerators – french doors, side-by-sides, bottom-freezers and top-freezers.

French doors have models with 26 and 29 cu.ft. capacity and the provide you with all the storage space you need and the style you want. It is a blend of the best features of bottom freezers and side-by-sides. Of course, they are Energy Star certified and come in models with or without water and ice dispensers, and with internal or external ones, so they suit everyone’s needs.

Side-by-sides come in 26 and 27 cu.ft. models and provide you with enough storage space for huge happenings or simply typical everyday meals. Some models provide you with Store-N-Door Plus Ice Dispensing system that offers around 30% more space in the freezer compartment. It is also Energy Star certified and has huge door bins that offer adaptable storage space.

Bottom-freezers have a refrigerator on top, and that offers big storage space and maintains your food at eye level so you don’t have to search for a long time. EcoConserve models surpass the lowest required energy standards by 30%. Their bins have humidity control and that helps in preserving the foods fresh.

Top-freezers offer a more traditional design with wide freezer openings. They are Energy Star certified and display your frozen food at eye level. Since it has an ice-maker which was installed in the factory, you won’t have the need for trays. The doors are reversible and you can open them right or left.

All in all, Maytag refrigerators offer many interesting and innovative features, as well as the traditionally useful styles and designs. Before you decide to buy one, don’t forget to measure your doorways and the space it will go to. Check the installation guide as well, because it could hold notes about the power source requirements. They are well-known for exceptional quality, so you won’t make a mistake.