LG Refrigerators

LG stands for “Lucky-Goldstar”, which was a company founded in South Korea in the 1940s. At first, they went by the Goldstar name, and were famous for clock radios and home appliances. Goldstar appliances were considered to be a discounted alternative to some major brands, and some even consider LG to be a discount brand today. However, LG products, especially refrigerators, are more and more interesting and dependable, while still affordable.

LG offers diverse features and more capacity, which is not often seen in refrigerators within this price range. LG is also famous for its commitment to customers and their loyalty.There are 4 major types of LG refrigerators: french door refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, and top freezer refrigerators.

LG French door refrigerators have instantly become one of the most attractive french door refrigerators in retail. They offer high quality products and low prices, as well as some of the most creative refrigerators on the market (for example, they were the first to have external water dispensers).

LG bottom freezer refrigerators are very popular and very affordable. They offer better compressors and other components which helps them in their efficiency. They also have more capacity than most other models, and better lights, filters and dispensers.

Side by side refrigerators offer a good capacity and a nice style. They add a nice touch of elegance in any kitchen. They have better compressors, door gaskets and insulation than other similarly priced refrigerators.

LG Refrigerators
LG products, especially refrigerators, are more and more interesting and dependable, while still affordable.
Top freezer refrigerators offer low budget prices, but modern style and functionality. The exterior has a stainless finish, and is energy star rated.

Digital controls help you keep your food fresh for a longer period of time, and a built in ice-maker is a nice modern touch. It also has glass shelves, dual crispers, and comes in different colors.

LG has some unique feature offered with their refrigerators. Some of them are:

The Multi-Air Flow System – something you would expect from most manufacturers, but only LG offers vents on every shelf.
They prevent hot spots as they equally spread cool air all over the refrigerator, and regular temperature indicates your food will last longer.

Glide N’ Serve™ Drawer – this drawer for food and vegetables gives you easy access to them

SpacePlus™ Ice System in-door – a system which doesn’t occupy important storage space, though it doesn’t hold very much ice.

Ice Plus™ Accelerated Freezing Function – with this feature you can make ice quickly

LoDecibel™ Operation – keeps your refrigerator quiet

Door Alarm – to make sure your door isn’t open and your food isn’t spoiled

LED Interior Lights – these lights emit a certain brightness which you normally don’t see with a regular bulb

To sum up, LG refrigerators are designed to keep first-rate conditions in a refrigerator. The multi-air flow system surround your food with fresh air no matter where it is. So, if you need a refrigerator with style and a great performance, you will find LG refrigerators with amazing designs that could give your kitchen the needed improvement and more storage space.