Kenmore Refrigerator Repair – Your Fridge Is Rusting From The Inside Out?

You bought your Kenmore refrigerator not so long ago, everything was perfect. It was a perfect fit for your kitchen, it kept your food and drinks cold and fresh. Suddenly, you noticed some rust spots on your refrigerator, and you are probably wondering if it is dying. In panic, you check the model, the serial, the date of fabrication, and worry that you are going to lost hundreds of dollars of food you already have in your Kenmore fridge.

The question now is whether you should replace your refrigerator quickly or try to repair it. It obviously has problems. We will give you some tips on what to do.

Check whether the paint on the doors is thin and whether the rust started in the metal doors. If this is the case, you have to repaint your refrigerator or you will sooner or later lose the battle and your doors will rust. Sometimes it seems it is rusting from the inside out. If there are dark rust spots on the surface, which you rub and they come again the next day, maybe it is time for a replacement.

lemonYou can also try lemon and salt. Add sufficient salt to one tablespoon of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply this paste to the rust with a rag and rub. The acid in the lemon should remove the rust, and the salt acts as a mild abrasive.

Another way is to damp the area with water, sprinkle dish soap on the area. Keep this damp for an hour and then brush with a soft brush. This also works amazingly in a bathtub.

If it is surface rust, rub the spot with distilled white vinegar and that should dissolve the rust – if you own counter depth refrigerator you should take additional care. Buy a fine grade sandpaper, lightly rub and then repaint with appropriate paint.

The rust usually appears if the paint is removed and is bare metal. The problem is more serious if the spot has bubbled. In this case, first rub until it is bare metal, then apply the vinegar (it neutralizes the rust), then rub again and repaint. If there is a hole, you have to fill it with a filler.

If there is some freezing in the crisper drawers, it is probably caused by the compressor (one of the most important refrigerator parts). When it stays off for a long time, the evaporator motor fan is also turned off. That makes the cold air in the freezer to go to the bottom and flow through the return air duct. To solve this, just adjust the air flow to its lowest position and make the freezer temperature colder. This way, the compressor and the evaporator will move more and make a better air circulation.

Some refrigerators didn’t get a good coat of paint at the factory, so they rust quickly. Check if it is still under warranty, and call the manufacturer if it is. If your refrigerator is old, maybe you should consider replacing it, because you could wait for some time for repairs to be finished. Or you can call a refrigerator repair professional -> list of appliance repair professionals in the USA in the USA.

So,why is this article about Kenmore refrigerators? We must say that Kenmore is one of top refrigerator brands, but also that these kind of problems are a bit more often characteristic for Kenmore refrigerators than the others.