General Electric Refrigerator Repair

General Electric can provide you with any type of refrigerator you want. From side-to-sides to french-doors, you will be smitten by the latest features and advances money can buy. But what happens when your refrigerators breaks down? General Electric has a solution for that, too. You can always call authorized technicians, but if your warranty has expired, maybe you should try a few things of your own.

What if it is running, but it is not cold enough?

There are few things that can have an effect on the temperature. You should try these things:

If it has been serviced, maybe it is in a diagnostic mode. Disconnect the power and wait for 30 seconds. This is supposed to clear the control panel and it should resume cooling in a normal way.

Examine the temperature controls.

If it is a new refrigerator and the controls have been correctly set for 24 hours but the refrigerator is still warm, you should schedule the service online. Refrigerators need about 24 hours to stabilize after first installation.

Ensure that you don’t have too much food in the refrigerator.

Ensure that the doors can close properly.

My dispenser is not dispensing water, or dispenses water slowly, or is dripping

If you just installed it, wait for a few minutes for the reservoir to fill.

If there is no water – ensure that the water line is turned on, and that the valve is completely open. Check if the filter is clogged. It could cause a situation with no water or dripping. Replace it if it is faulty.

If there are few drops of water after usage, it is probably because of the delay in the system. You can minimize it by purging the tank.

My refrigerator is running all the time

General Electric Refrigerator Repair
If you are not certain about something, don’t try to fix it, call an authorized professional.

The combination of refrigerator and the freezer will run for around 50% of the time if they want to keep the desired temperature. In very hot or humid places, their run time could be around 100%, so you don’t have to worry, there is probably nothing wrong with your GE refrigerator.

Also, fully loaded, empty, or refrigerators that are opened too much differ in running time. So, if you feel that it is running too much, definitely check the door gaskets and if they are sealed properly. Ensure that all your drawers and shelves are properly placed.

Inspect the air vents and check if they are clogged. Check the condenser coils and make sure they are not dirty. If there is a lot of frost build-up, it will cause the refrigerator to run longer. Ensure that the interior light is off when the door is closed.

These are all first aid tips for your GE refrigerator. If you are not certain about something, don’t try to fix it, call an authorized professional. General Electric offers a great customer service, online and offline.

But if you do decide to try the repairs on your own, make sure you unplug the unit before you try something potentially dangerous.