Repair A Refrigerator By Yourself!

Even though refrigerators are fairly expensive devices, they can be subjected to some home repairs by a novice without the need of a professional stepping in. These appliances are built to last and with proper care, they can even run for decades.
Unfortunately, as with all electronics, they do have certain vulnerabilities that occasionally require extra attention that can be done by anyone with the right information and tools. In order to perform the right refrigerator repairs, it is important to know what the problem is foremost and take the necessary steps to fix it.

refrigerator repairCooling problems

This is a problem that is fairly common in every household. When the refrigerator door is opened and the air is not as chilly as it should be, yet the settings are in order, then there is a problem with the cooling system.

One of the most common reasons for this are the coils at the back, or underneath for newer models, having accumulated dust. These coils help to keep the air inside the refrigerator cool.

Vacuuming the area ever so often will help cut down on dust. Owners should also detach the covering grille and give the area a proper clean at least once a year.

The air vents inside the appliance should also remain unobstructed and the gaskets kept clean to ensure the door is properly sealed when shut.

If the gasket is damaged, the owner will need to replace it. All that is needed is a screwdriver and a new gasket. The old gasket will have to be removed and the area wiped clean of debris.

The new gasket can then be slid in, ensuring no gaps and that it lies flat against the surface.

Noisy refrigerator

This is a common problem that usually indicates an issue with one of the fans or the compressor motor. In order to identify which part is affected, one will need to open up the back of the refrigerator and listen keenly to identify the culprit. If the problem is with one of the fans, these parts can easily be replaced.

A nut driver will probably be needed to detach this part. If the problem is with the condenser, it will probably be better to consult a professional or just replace the appliance altogether.maytag refrigerator repairWater Leakage

For refrigerators that have ice and water dispensers, there is a water connection at the back of the appliance. For such cases the owner should pull out the appliance and check that the pipe is not compromised. One may need to replace the pipe or just tighten a nut.

Also check the evaporating pan at the bottom of the refrigerator. This is where water drains to and if the appliance is unbalanced, water may be pouring out. Simply ensure the refrigerator is properly leveled.

A blocked drain tube from the freezer can also cause this problem. In order to fix, one will have to defrost the freezer and clear the tubing by blowing air into it.

A damaged gasket could also be the cause as it allows warm air into the refrigerator, melting ice in the freezer and causing a leak. The gasket will have to be replaced is such an event.

When performing any refrigerator repairs at home, it is important to remember to switch off the appliance before setting upon it with tools. It is still an electronic and can electrocute a person if proper care is not taken. Be sure to consult the manual when buying spare parts so as to get the right fit.

Minor repairs can be carried out without the expense of a professional, but when in doubt, simply find a reputable service provider to take care of the problem.

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