Refrigerator Repair Dos and Don’ts

When buying any appliance or product, one needs to make sure that it fulfills all the safety standards and is certified. This is a basic thing, and if we show carelessness in this matter, it can result in a hazardous situation, which will have long lasting effects on your home or loved ones.

Beer RefrigeratorA first must do is to read the product manual in detail so that you will be aware of all the necessary safety measures. You can even find it online, if you misplace it. Generally, people learn the precautions from their experience, which is obviously not the best way to learn. It is important to keep the children away from units because some refrigerators come with risks like warm mist humidifiers, which contain hot water and one may be a victim of scalding. It is advisable to unplug the refrigerator and keep it at distance from the wall if a malfunction in any of its components occurs.

The following are some of the safety measures that will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Never drape the appliance cord across a walking area or into the sink; the best way is to confine it in the safe area behind the refrigerator. The combination of electricity and water is very dangerous and will definitely result in severe injuries, so they should never meet at any cost. The electric cord shouldn’t come in contact with water or any other liquid. Some extra precautionary measures are required if you have small children in the home, and you must teach them how to safely use appliances.

If we take a look at the refrigerator repair process, it is of primary importance to avoid any risk by making sure the refrigerator is unplugged. If you have a capacitor-type refrigerator, then first you have to discharge it because it stores energy even without electricity. These are some of the steps for discharging of the capacitor. First, unplug the unit; in order to get access to the capacitor, remove the service panel which is located at the back of the unit. You will need a 20,000-ohm, a wire unit, and 2-watt resistor. Next, connect the probes of the resistor to the capacitor terminal.

After discharging, you can resume the repair process. Next, service the door gaskets. To replace the gasket, you’ll need to buy a new gasket from the manufacturer’s appliance store that matches your model. If you aren’t sure about the model or are unable to locate your model number, then it is advisable to take out the old gasket as a sample and the appliance dealer will match it for you. You’ll need at least 24 hours for proper fitting of the new gaskets. To place a new gasket, you’ll need to remove the old one, and this can be done by using screws.

After removal, you need to clean the mounting area with detergent and water. The stubborn adhesive can be removed by using mineral spirits. In some cases, the faulty thermostat is not the cause of overheating; in this case, you’ll need to service the evaporator fan.

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