A Brief Look at Techniques for Refrigerator Water Filters

It is important to replace your refrigerator’s water filter every six months because it is something that is used on a daily basis, and it needs to be replaced with the original manufacturer’s filter. The new refrigerators have an excellent water system, which provides ice through the dispenser and pure drinking water through the door.

whirlpool filter install refrigerator
Whirlpool filter install refrigerator

If you are living in places where there is usually hard water, like Arizona, then experts recommend getting it replaced every four months, because a dirty water filter can reduce the refrigerator’s performance, and at the same time it is injurious to your health.

It is very easy to change the filter in the newest units. Now you can take care of the replacement yourself as you don’t need to have any particular skills. The two commonly used methods are described below.
The first method is to replace the water filter with the turn and pull out technique; this is useful for filters, which are located at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Water Filter Whirlpool
Water filter whirlpool
The second method is to remove it by the push button method.

By using these two simple and efficient methods, you can replace the filter without moving your heavy refrigerator a single inch. However, for some old filters, you’ll need a different technique, so it is advised to always look for the owner’s manual to find the exact location of the filter, and after that follow the instructions for its removal.

If you lost the manual, then there is still nothing to worry about as one can easily find it on the internet.

Let’s look at some famous brands. In Whirlpool refrigerators, the water filter is located in the bottom grille of the unit. In Samsung units, it is placed on the side of the door, and in LG refrigerators, it is located behind the left door.

In old-style refrigerators (i.e., the units manufactured before 2000), the filters are usually located at the back of the unit. In order to replace them, you’ll need to shut off the water valve behind the unit.

Now we will discuss each of the methods in detail so that you can replace the filter yourself without any difficulty.

First is the “turn lock” method. In this method, after locating the filter, one has to turn the knob left at the end. Then pull out the old dirty filter and insert the new one; now you have to turn the knob right to lock it in its proper place. It is recommended to note the date after installation of a new filter so that you will easily know when another replacement is necessary.

Another commonly used method is the “push button” method. After locating the filter, one can easily remove it by pressing the button right next to it. By doing this, the water filter will slide out, and one can grab it.

Now insert the new filter and push it until you hear a clicking noise. For the “slide out” method, one has to open the filter compartment and remove the filter. Next, slide the new one into the compartment so that it fits into its place.