My Refrigerator Is Not Cooling!!

There are times when you set the temperature of your refrigerator and then notice it is not cold enough. Then you set it towards even colder, but then you notice condensation from the top or on the sides. You probably wonder what the problem is. Therefore, we will list some of the most common parts or conditions that could cause the problem of your refrigerator not cooling enough.

Dirty condenser coils

The condensers are similar to radiators. They have to be clean to spread heat which was eliminated from the inside of the refrigerator. When the coils get dirty, the refrigerator is less effective, and it is harder to keep the temperature low. If the coils are very dirty, it will never be cold enough in the refrigerator and it will never reach the necessary temperature.

Evaporator fan motor

If it is not cold enough in the refrigerator, the evaporator fan motor could be broken or damaged. Refrigerators could have more than one evaporator fan motor, depending on the model. Evaporator fan motors spread the cold air from the coils throughout the chambers. When the fan motor isn’t working, there will be no cold air in the refrigerator.

Condenser fan motor

Condenser fan motor could be broken or damaged, or something could be caught in it if it is not cold enough in the refrigerator. It serves to draw air over the condenser coils and cool them. It is situated at the bottom of the refrigerator and you need to remove the access panel to get to it.

refrigeratornotcoolingStart relay

The star relay could be faulty if it is not cold enough. It is a small mechanism which provides power to the compressor. If it is damaged, the compressor might not work at all, it will not be cold, and that’s why it should be replaced if it is broken.

Start capacitor

It should give the compressor a little help starting up. If it is broken, the compressor might not start. You can test it with a capacitance meter, and replace it if it’s broken.


Thermistor is a sensor which controls the temperature. If it is damaged, the refrigerator could have trouble cooling.


The compressor is one of the most important parts of the refrigerator. It is basically a motor which compresses the refrigerant and distributes it through the evaporator and condenser coils. If it is damaged, you should call a professional repairman to replace it.

However, there could also be a problem with a defrost system collapse. In that case, the compressor would still be running, but it would not be cooling.

Sometimes it is easy to notice when there’s something wrong with your refrigerator, and you don’t know whether you should call a professional or simply fix it by yourself. We certainly hope we offered some helpful tips on how you can make up your mind easily. If you still can’t find the solution to your problems you should do further research.


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