Kenmore 79432 Top-Freezer Refrigerator Review

Kenmore product’s reliability and durability vary from model to model, because their appliances are made by many different manufacturers. In our review, we took a closer look at Kenmore 79432. Kenmore 79432 is both a refrigerator and a freezer, though looking from the outside it may not seem that way.

As far as its looks are concerned, the exterior of the fridge is glossy and sleek which gives a certain modern look to this freezer, though the inside is much more impressive. An interior water dispenser is present, which is an excellent new feature that does not use too much space at the top. A luxurious detail is in the LED lightning, which reflects through the glass in the door shelves’. Of course, there isn’t an available top-freezer refrigerator on the market with the capacity of Kenmore 79432 refrigerator, so automatically there is more space for the foods you enjoy.

If you were wondering about the storage space and energy efficiency – the fridge makes excellent use of the freezer, thus showing a very efficient usable space to power ratio. The ice-maker takes up some valuable space, but you can turn it off and remove the bucket, if more space is needed for something else.

There are some small usability difficulties as well. For example, smooth-sliding drawers. Full-width shelves made it difficult to access the pieces at the rear of the fridge. The back of the packed freezer might also be hard to access, and that could be a problem, because the controls are in the back.
Kenmore 79432 Top-Freezer Refrigerator ReviewThe performance tests showed that this is an amazing refrigerator. We used our temperature sensors, and  the temperatures were evenly distributed with recommended temperature for a refrigerator. The crisper drawers have changeable humidity controls, which can be adapted to different fruits and vegetables.

The crisper drawers lost average amounts of moisture per hour. Vegetables are not going to stay fresh forever, but this refrigerator will not advance expiration dates.
However, while the test performance of the fridge was great, the temperature of the freezer oscillated, and it was not cold enough, so we couldn’t believe that the freezer and the fridge were a part of the same unit.

There could be a problem with the dryer unit or the computer board, so the entire unit could melt and you would have to remove all your food in order to save it. Because it is hard to maintain proper freezer temperatures, long-term storage should not be an option here.

In the end, we can say that the tests we performed weren’t all excellent. Nevertheless, this is still one of the best top-freezers on the market. The refrigerator offers a great performance, new internal design and impressive internal water dispenser and also it is likely that you can forget about refrigerator repairs. It is important to remember that the fridge itself is amazing, and it outshines an average freezer, so Kenmore 79432 is better for keeping fresh, rather than frozen foods.

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