Integrated Fridge Freezers

Integrated fridge-freezers can suit your kitchen and give it a more stylish appearance. They rest behind kitchen cupboard doors and turn into a part of the kitchen itself. This look gives your kitchen a smooth look and suggests that you can prevent having a big white thing out on exhibit.

Integrated fridge-freezers come in various sizes and models so you can purchase anything that fits your needs and wants. However, there aren’t as many models to choose from as with the freestanding fridges, so that is a small disadvantage. They are also more expensive than freestanders and aren’t as energy efficient so they also cost more in the long run.

Integrated tall fridge-freezers

They are built into tall cupboards and provide you with enough storage space, which makes them great for those homes where families eat a lot of fresh produce and need a big storage space. The majority of models come with standard width and depth (around 60 cm). The price depends on the size and the brand you chose. The tallest fridge-freezers cost between £400-1000.

Integrated Fridge Freezers
Integrated tall fridge-freezers are built into tall cupboards and provide you with enough storage space.
Integrated under-counter fridge-freezers

They are integrated into a counter that is placed underneath a kitchen work surface. They are also known as built-under fridges and are perfect if you don’t have a large kitchen. But, they are small and maybe they won’t be big enough to keep a lot of your foods.

In addition to that, the salad crisper drawer is situated at the bottom and it can be quite difficult to approach your produce if it is hard for you to bend. They are usually around 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep, because they are made to fit the standard cupboards. Their prices range from £200 to £500.

So, why are integrated fridge-freezers so much more expensive that the freestanders? There are different theories on why this is so. One version is that it is expensive to develop a cooling unit to work well in confined spaces.

The other is that they are not as popular as the freestanders, so it is automatically more expensive to produce them. The last version is that once you have a built-in unit, you have to buy one just like that when you want to replace it, so there aren’t that many reasons for manufacturers to lower their prices.

They are also less reliable that freestanders, but still more trustworthy than other kitchen appliances. There are many installation issues as well, because many installers disregard the airflow to the cabinets and leave inadequate ventilation to the unit and the compressor overheats.

Their service is not a lot of fun for most service technicians, because they take longer to take out and longer to put back.

All in all, carefully consider whether you want to install a integrated fridge-freezer in your kitchen. It may be a good idea at first, having an appliance that is invisible to the eye, but remember that you will probably be stuck with this decision for a long time.

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