How To Choose A Compact Refrigerator

The compact refrigerator is definitely an important appliance in our everyday lives, because of its adaptbility to different places such as hotels, college dorms, office break rooms, or even our media room, or a home office. We can store food and cold drinks in it, and it is at our fingertips. But what are the qualities we should look for when searching for a compact refrigerator? There are several factors we can look at to distinguish the quality ones from the average ones.

The first one is its energy consumption. This information is provided from the majority of stores which offer these compact refrigerators, and the energy usage guide is used to compare the electricity necessary to run the refrigerator and its efficiency. Some compact refrigerators use a substantial amount of electricity, but offer little cooling because of their poor insulation. Others use very little electricity, but offer better cooling. Therefore, search for compact refrigerators with a higher energy rating in comparison to price.

The second factor is storage space. You should look for the one that best accommodates your needs, not just the smallest one or the cheapest one. Think whether you will need space for more people, and whether you can remove the shelves in order to have more space. You should buy the biggest one that can fit into your space.

Students (check if your schools ban refrigerators in dorm rooms, because certain schools have restrictions) or people who need a bigger freezer section should look for compact refrigerators with expanded freezer sections, because they usually only have small ledges under the ceiling with room for just one frozen dinner. For those who only need compact refrigerators for snacks or drinks, this is not necessary. However, a companion compact chest freezer also exists, for those who need additional freezer space.

Compact refrigerator
Compact refrigerators don’t offer the same temperature performance as the regular refrigerators do!

Still, it is important to know that compact refrigerators don’t offer the same temperature performance as the regular refrigerators do. For this reason, they are best to keep cold drinks and snacks.

The next factor is how easily it can be transported. This is important if you need to carry it up the stairs or through different doors. Of course, the better and the more powerful it is, the heavier it will be. Usually, the compressor and a metal grid are the heaviest elements of a compact refrigerator.

They come in three main models: tall, two-door and cube. Tall models are the largest and the most practical. Two-door models have a separate freezer, and the cube models are cube shaped, have small spaces and basically offer the least value. Other possible features are: glass or wire shelves, a locking door (important if you have a roommate or co-workers), different colors, with or without the ice-cube tray, interior light, etc.

All things considered, a compact refrigerator can be a worthwhile investment. Different features matter more to different individuals. You should consider what best works for you and your needs and buy accordingly.

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