How To Become a Refrigerator Repair Technician

refrigerator repair technician
Refrigerator Repair Technician

A refrigerator repair technician inspects, evaluates, repairs and maintains refrigerators. In order to become one, it is required to have some training and related work experience.

Of course, driver’s licence and the appliance-specific certification are often required.
If you have interest in this kind of work and know how to manage tools, you could enjoy this career.

There are a range of different employment opportunities: your own business, some large refrigerator manufacturer, or in a refrigerator repair firm.
Higher education is advised in order to become a refrigerator repair technician, because it can be appealing to employers.

Training programs are accesible in community and career colleges.
These courses offer a variety of programs for learning about electrical wiring and refrigeration. Nevertheless, the most important thing is related work experience.

It consists of knowing how to use tools properly, knowing how to solve problems relatively quickly, and fine motor skills.

It is important to know how to read schematics and how to troubleshoot different problems by disassembling and reassembling refrigerators when looking for some internal issues. Since this is a job that requires physical stregth and adaptibility, your experience is the most important thing in getting the job.

Not to forget, heavy lifting is required from time to time. Some firms offer training seminars and day courses to teach technicians how to repair and maintain new refrigerator models or other appliances. Refrigerators change as technology develops, so technicians must continue their education to keep their skills up-to-date. In addition to this, you should also read refrigerator manuals and keep up with the latest trends.

A refrigerator repair technician must be certified, because they work with refrigerants containing chlorofluorocarbons. A certificate is given after an exam about ozone depletion and refrigeration leak repair is passed. Ongoing education is always a necessity for new repair certifications.

Technicians should keep a clean driving records and pass background checks as a condition of their employment, because they are often dealing with clients where they have to drive a company car to the site. A precise inventory of stock and entire records of work must be kept. Repair technicians often work in consumers’ homes to repair refrigerators.

They visit their clients by appointment to identify and repair problems with their refrigerators. Employers sometimes require from their employees a period of apprenticeship. It can last  up to a year or longer, depending on their ability to master the skills. While they are an apprentice, they go to assignments with experienced technicians and observe their work, or help them.

In brief, refrigerator repair technicians should be master of their skills, educate regularly and adapt quickly. You should be aware that the career advancement opportunities of a refrigerator repair technician are quite limited, unless you open your own business later on. However, with continuing education, you can become a specialist in some specific aspect and focus on some specific section in the indutry.

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