Haier HNSE032BB Review

It is seen that compact refrigerators aren’t been able to store the monthly groceries. Even the best designers and unit providers can’t accomplish a solution to this problem.  Haier understands this problem and produces a marvelous unit. The Haier HNSE032BB refrigerator has a compact design and is ideal for use in residence or rec room.

The black color enhances its look and made it more attractive. This can give no trouble even if you have excess of food or beverages, because of its ample capacity. It has a unique 2-dispense-a-can storage cubicle feature. It allows one to fit maximum of 8 cans at a time.

Moreover, the fridge has 2 full-width interior shelves made of glass where one can easily store other goods or daily usage items. All these features make it an ideal choice for large families and the family members won’t complain anymore about the arrangement of food and drinks. It is extremely easy to position or move, courtesy to its adjustable leveling legs. Its exclusive flat-black design helps in saving a lot of space.

This is specially designed for people who live in tight spaces like dormitory bedrooms or for those who stay far from a standard regular fridge (like in offices). A new trend has been observed, people are spending vast amount of money in their bedrooms, offices or recreational rooms to comfort themselves, and they don’t have time to get up and go to the kitchen for a drink; this is where Haier HNSE032BB comes handy and is perfect for busy people.

Haier Compact Refrigerator Black
Haier Compact Refrigerator Black

Its adjustable thermostat helps in regulating the right temperature to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and hygienic.

The wide range of shelves offer versatile storage options for the user and gallon door bin accommodates tall water or beverage bottles. The full-width compartment offers plenty of space for the frozen foods.

The reversible door is designed for easy operation. The foam reinforced interior door liner is responsible for the efficient refrigeration. This refrigerator is most likely to be used for storage of drinks.

This can be milk, soft drink, beer cans, wine bottles and energy drinks. You can also store tall wine bottles and gallon-sized juice cartons.

Another impressive feature is that the freezer has a full-width compartment with its independent ice cube tray.
This has been very much appreciated by the users as most of the compact units add freezer as a last thing as if it didn’t matter at all.

Besides storing ample amount of food a refrigerator should also be able to preserve and keep it fresh and hygienic and there shouldn’t be any risk of spoilage in it, and for this purpose it require cold temperature and this is achieved due to its adjustable thermostat, so that one can customize it according to his own needs.

The only de-merit of this unit is not availability of the frost-free feature, means one has to manually defrost it, and it definitely requires some time and effort to do it perfectly. In the end, we can say that this Haier unit serves for convenience more than anything else and is ideal for most of the people.

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