Haier HNSE032BB Mini Refrigerator

Mini Refrigerators are pretty in demand at present for their compact design, low cost, practical utility and sophisticated look. You need to have Small Refrigerators when you are residing alone in tight spaces like you might need them in your dormitories, hostel rooms, offices or may be for small families or a couple living in an apartment. Best to be placed as a luxurious, yet easy on the pocket commodity in Hotel Rooms and Inns for the tenant’s convenience.

So, if you want a stylish looking Mini Refrigerator and that too within in your economical Range! Voila, Haier brings you the Smart and Splendid “Haier HNSE032BB Mini Refrigerator”. The appearance as a whole is simple and elegant so cleaning won’t be a problem. It is a small refrigerator but holds a lot of stuff and assorted, handy items.  Now let’s have a look some of its simply Tremendous Features.

Haier HNSE032BB Black
Haier HNSE032BB Black

Color Available:
Classic Black Color makes it most desirable to be your first choice.

Adjustable Thermostat:
The Adjustable Temperature Control Dial gives you full control to regulate precise temperature that you require for your different varieties of foods.

Gallon Door Bin + Dispense-a-can Compartments:
Too lazy to walk all the way to kitchen in the middle of the night to get yourself a drink?

Have this Classy Light Weight Compact Refrigerator for your Bedroom. It owns a handy Gallon Door Bin allowing you to keep Gallon Vessels and tall Bottles of Water, milk or any other beverages without any trouble. There are Two Dispense-a-can sections, capable of holding four cans each. You can grab them whenever you want. Just pull one out from the lower end.

Flat Back Design:
Flat back design is there to save space so that you can fill it with your other stuff.  It has also lessened the efforts to clean up the refrigerator.

Adjustable Leveling Legs:
With its adjustable easy going wheels, you can move it wherever you want effortlessly.

2 Full-Width Interior Shelves:
The two Full-width interior shelves can be used in multiple ways. Keep your large bottles or jars in there. You can also place your canned food items or regular food containers one on top of another.

Glass Shelf Design:
Solid Glass shelves are specially designed for better visibility. Glass shelves have now made cleaning at ease. They don’t let your spilled food dropping on the lower shelves like other outdated grill-styled shelves. These smooth shelves help you to keep everything in its proper place with stability.

Reversible Door for Easy Operation:
It is easy to place it in small or tight spaced room. Its Flat and Reversible Stylish Door with Recessed Handle allows you to open the door in both directions.

Haier HNSE032BB Black Closed
Haier HNSE032BB Black Closed
Foam Protected Interior Door Liner:

The shatterproof foam door liner helps your Refrigerator to refrigerate competently so that the freshness of all your stored items remains unharmed.

Full-Width Freezer Compartment:

The Full-Width Freezer allows you to keep your beverages perfectly chilled and you can also use it to store your Ice-Creams, Chocolates and other Frozen Items. The compartment comes with its own Large Ice-cube tray.

Efficient Cooling Compressor:

Haier Refrigerators are Eco-friendly. Its Efficient Compressor keeps temperature moderate and gets less affected by external temperature fluctuations than Thermo-electric cooling.


Haier promises you 12 months warranty of Parts and Labor and 5 year warranty of sealed system parts valid from the Date of Purchase.

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