Got iPhone 5S Gold? Thinking of Stylish Refrigerator? Meet Smeg FAB28U

Smeg is a renowned manufacturer of the domestic kitchen appliances. The company was found in 1948 and still working for the benefit and easiness of people. They are famous for their typical curved corners and wide range in variety in non-traditional colors like blue, pink, green and gold.

When one thinks of Smeg, straight away an icon in style looking, refrigerator comes in mind. The company aims is to provide smart electronic appliance, which will assist and revolutionize the home user.

The price is directly proportional to the amount of desirability; the greater elegant is design, more the price and vice versa.

Smeg stylish refrigerators
Smeg is known for its stylish refrigerators. And it is likely that you can forget about repairs.

We will take a look at iconic FAB28U. It comes in different colors, including green, chocolate, but the one which is appreciated most is golden one. It gives the unit a luxurious and lavish look.

As far design and durability are concerned, everybody agrees that Smeg produces start of art refrigerators.

It’s their quality and reliability, which split buyers in two categories. First comprises of those people who hate this brand because of its expensiveness, they prefer poor quality with a low price tag.
Second are those people who absolutely love them because they knew the worth of their perfect and attractive units.

The total capacity of this refrigerator is 9.2 Cu. Ft. The anti-bacterial interior keeps food fresh and hygienic.

The light makes it more beautiful, and one can easily find the desired item.
The cool zone makes sure that content is remained chilled in the drawer for maximum time, which makes it ideal for wine, beer or juices.

The sliding shelves can be accessed easily and comforts the consumer; most importantly the cleaning process is also made very easy. One special shelf is dedicated for bottle storage so that there is no shortage of water.

smeg fab28u
Smeg fab28u

Now you don’t have to place fruits and vegetables with butter or dairy items because there is a designated container present for them.

All in all, it’s a well-organized unit and facilities the user very much, so in my opinion it’s a must for every kitchen.

We can conclude that a Smeg FAB28U serves for convenience more than anything else and is suited for majority of kitchens.
Now we will discuss some of the drawbacks of FAB28U. The main issue is poor quality of material used in it. No doubt interior is classic but is made up of plastic, which can break very easily.

This is not up to standards of Smeg, as people want exceptional durability from them.

The reviews have shown that the components also end up in failing within 3-8 years of purchase and eventually leave owners with refrigerator that either leeks or need consistent defrosting.

The problem not ends here; it is seen that most parts aren’t available in the market and even small thing breaks one need to change everything. For instance, if a door seal break (which is very common) one needs to change the whole door, which will definitely cost a lot of additional money.
Now this is what people don’t want from a $2800 unit.

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