The GE ENERGY STAR GFE29HSDSS is another refrigerator model GE has produced keeping the customers in mind. The stainless steel finish makes it look sleek and adds to your kitchen décor. Some of the features offered by the GE ENERGY STAR GFE29HSDSS are the water dispenser, external ice dispenser, advanced filtration, LED lighting, spill proof glass shelves, twin chill evaporators, energy star rated, etc. The digital temperature control is very convenient to use.

With every model there are some pros and definitely some cons. It depends on the customer who is using the product.  Priced at $ 1899, this model helps the customer overlook the cons as it provides luxury at an affordable price.

The twin chill evaporator feature helps you to set different temperatures for your freezer and fresh food section. This helps you keep the food fresh. You need not worry about spoiled food for a very long time.

The stainless steel water dispenser comes with a pullout tray. This feature makes it possible to fill large containers or even pots with water. This unit has an ice dispenser on both the compartments.

The GE ENERGY STAR GFE29HSDSS provides an advanced filtration system that removes 98 percent of the pharmaceutical impurities, making the water pure and healthy to drink. This unit is designed with energy consumption in mind.

It is based on the energy saver plus technology which makes this model very energy efficient. This reduces the electricity bill, which makes it even more popular among customers.

Installation of this unit is very easy. This is definitely not the largest model of refrigerators on the market. The installation does not require any drilling anywhere in your kitchen.

This unit is not approved for outside or business use, which is definitely a drawback that can be overlooked. Without any locks provided for the refrigerator doors, this unit is easily accessible to kids.

This is a major drawback of this model.

Let’s talk about the internal parts of this refrigerator. The quick space shelf acts as a normal shelf and can be adjusted easily for instant storage space. The adjustable spill proof glass shelf  (a total of three) holds up to 12oz of spilled liquid for easy clean up and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the storage space according to your desire. It has five shelves, four of which are adjustable. There are a total of six door bins and three drawers out of which one has an adjustable temperature and the other two are adjustable humidity drawers.

There are five temperature controls each color coded (i.e., the LED lighting changes color according to the settings for better visualization). The five settings are for meat, produce, cheese, citrus, and beverages. The internal features of this unit are very similar to those of the GE café series CFE29TSDSS. This gives an edge to this model as the price compared to the GE café series CFE29TSDSS is much less and it has most of the common features.

The warranty for this model is 1 year for both internal refrigerator parts and the labor. The GE ENERGY STAR GFE29HSDSS has many advanced features that make it worth every penny. With the implementation of energy saving technology, this unit will definitely provide your family with savings. This refrigerator is ideal for a small to medium family (4-7 members).

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