GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS

The GE café series CFE29TSDSS is definitely a luxurious refrigerator. It is priced at $3099. But when you do your research, you find that there are refrigerators with fewer features priced at around $2500 or even at $3500 on the market. This is the first refrigerator with a hot water dispenser. Who can top that? We surely must appreciate GE for the technology that they have used to build this refrigerator model.

GE released this model in the first quarter of 2013. The company has a few other models priced equally but with fewer features when compared to the CFE29TSDSS. The least expensive model of GE French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer is priced at $1999. This is $1000 (a huge amount) less than the cost of the CFE29TSDSS. But it cannot be compared to the features, technology and the thought put into the CFE29TSDSS.

GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS
GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS
When you are talking about the GE café series CFE29TSDSS, you need to mention the hot water dispenser. Who needs a kettle? You have the GE CFE29TSDSS! This refrigerator model falls under the label of smart technology.

With touch screens, your life is made very easy. Just set the required temperature, press the button and voila! You have your hot water. To add to this unique feature, GE has implemented child lock capability.

You can now stop worrying about your little ones meddling with your refrigerators. The touch screen lets you know about the cold water dispenser and the ice maker controls. It tells you when to replace your water filter.

Also, GE has provided a light underneath the dispenser which glows and could act like a nightlight if needed. The precise fill option provided by the company is one more feature that will make you addicted to your fridge.

You just need to set the amount, or sometimes it senses the size of the container by itself, and fills the water without any supervision. That’s an opportunity for multitasking.
The USB port provided helps you connect to a computer.

You can upload up to 90 photos and make them run as your screen saver. What else is needed to personalize?

Let’s discuss the interior of this refrigerator. With 28.9 cu. ft of internal capacity, it is not the largest refrigerator on the market. But, you will be surprised how GE has allocated the space to improve the efficiency of the refrigerator. The interior is mostly the same as that of all the other French door models. It has 5 shelves, 4 of which are adjustable, and it has door bins. It also has 3 drawers, one of which has adjustable temperature control settings. There are 5 color coded temperature controls (i.e., the LED lighting changes color according to the settings for better visualization). The 5 settings are for meat, produce, cheese, citrus, and beverages.

GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS-1
GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS
The ice maker is placed in the door of the refrigerator and not in the freezer compartment, saving a lot of space. The freezer compartment has two drawers mounted on the top for easy organization. The top left drawer is always a few degrees warmer.

You can store your ice-cream there and never worry about scooping again. This makes the process much easier.

The GE café series CFE29TSDSS is definitely one of the finest refrigerators on the market and completely worth for the price we are paying.

The water dispenser and the touch screen make it very convenient to use. Once you get used to this model, you will definitely not let go.

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