When entering a shop to buy a refrigerator, you should have done your research and have knowledge about every product so that you can protect yourself from the cleverness of the salesman. You should keep a few things in mind when buying an electric appliance.

Keeping these in mind, I will give a brief account of the advantages of the Frigidaire FFHT1814LB.

Here are the features that give the Frigidaire top freezer refrigerator an advantage over its competitors.


frigidaire ffht1814lb
frigidaire ffht1814lb
Don’t be afraid to called “brand conscious.” Brands are always important. Frigidaire is not one of the most renowned companies in the world for electric appliances, so it should be kept in mind that it can lack some key features.


It consumes 383 KWh a year, which is about 200 KWh less power than other ordinary brand refrigerators. This is where it surpasses even General Electric and Electrolux products, which consume about 480 KWh of electricity.


This is where it has its biggest disadvantage. Its capacity is 18 cu. ft, which is about 5 cu. ft less than most refrigerators. Thus, you cannot store large quantities of food inside this refrigerator.


This feature is also important to make sure that your refrigerator looks good at a glance. It measures 66 inches high and 36 inches wide, which is a bit on the lower side if you want a refrigerator of slightly more capacity, although it will look good from the outside.


This is where it has disappointed the most. Its shape is the same as that of an old fashioned two door refrigerator turned upside down with the lower door being bigger and the upper door smaller.


The yearly lifecycle cost is $41, so it will save $20 more than even high quality refrigerators, and this is one of its biggest advantages.


Its design is the same as that of old fashioned refrigerators, and it has no big change to offer in this department. It also has a textured finish on its surface.


The price of this product, as mentioned on the Frigidaire website, is $629 but it is available in some countries at discounted prices. It’s one of the most affordable refrigerators available on the market, especially when compared to Electrolux and General Electric products.


  • 1 Year warranty.
  • Energy star certified.
  • 205 lbs in weight.
  • 2 doors upside down.
  • Humidity control crisper.
  • Analog temperature control.
  • No child lock available.
  • Textured surface.


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