Fact #1: One Fridge is Dumped Each Two Days

According to an assessment, it is revealed that the average life expectancy of a fridge is 11 almost years. If it is used with the proper precautions and safety measures, a large amount of fridges remain in use for more than 20 years.

The number of fridges and freezers dumped by the illegal means has risen up in the past few years. It is mainly because of Rogues who pick up fridges and freezers left out by householders, which are to be collected by council workers.

According to the council, it is witnessed that some people are leaving fridges for scrap-men thinking they would recycle these dumped refrigerators.

It is for sure that dumping of fridges in that illegal way has negative effects on the economy as well as on the environment as fly-tipped fridges contain harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbon and gases and they leave it if not disposed properly through appropriate recycling.

Opened Fridge
Opened Fridge

Fly-tipped fridges can also act as a death trap or cause serious injury to children who are attracted towards them as they see it like perfect place to hide, while they play.

It is reported in recent September and October that the council collected 113 illegally dumped fridges and freezers, which cost taxpayers £962 in disposal costs.

Residents should feel their responsibility to check all the details regarding the scrap collector.

According to these reports, it is clear that such rapid dump of fridges and freezers by the people is proliferating their cost and also putting burden on the other taxpayers.

So what can be the most effective way to decrease the number of fridges being dumped every day?

Research done by the experts and engineers has suggested that the main reason for fridges being dumped so rapidly is the increase in the cost of electricity.

With Electricity being perhaps the biggest expense for the households, more people are looking at ways to cut back their energy bills. In the household appliances, the refrigerator being one of the major consumers of electricity is the main point of concern for the owner in this regard.

Another reason behind poor and unstable condition of fridges is that most of the people don’t bother about cleaning or repairing minor problems of their fridge.

The basic purpose of the fridge is to keep every kind of food fresh for long period of time, however, when the rubber seals of a fridge door are cracked or broken, they no more remain effective that’s why the freshness of the foodstuff is affected and this causes food to spoil quicker and food items such as milk to go rancid faster.
The life time of the fridge is also affected by the fridge seals being faulty as the compressor is forced to run excessively and therefore puts more strain on the fridge than what it needs to. So people get these reasons to dump them. Now the question is that how can you solve the problem of a faulty fridge door seal?

In most cases it is a simple job which you can do yourself. Most of the fridge door seals are clamped to the door with screws which simply needs to be loosened in order to remove them, and the fresh seal slips in with a small brim. Such simple methods can definitely expand the life of your fridge.

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