ELECTROLUX EI27BS26JS Refrigerator Review

The Electrolux EI27BS26JS offers everything that one could desire in a refrigerator while staying in your budget. It has glossy stainless finish, which makes it more attractive, ample amount of space, and a highly reliable unit. It surely increases the look and beauty of kitchen.

This stainless steel unit looks very shiny, although its not reflective enough to use for putting makeup or shaving but it definitely bounces off some light. You should think well before buying this unit if your kitchen gets direct exposure of sunlight or there is lot of children in the family because its gleaming finish didn’t hide the fingerprints at all.

ELECTROLUX EI27BS26JS Refrigerator

The inner of unit works like dream, as there are flexible shelves, which smoothly slides forward and back for easy access to daily useable items. The door shelves have large storage ability, which is very useful for storing tall wine bottles or gallon-sized containers.

However, the interior icemaker has some issues i-e it is bulky and unwieldy.  Lack of spill protection is one of common problem in now a day’s refrigerator but Electrolux has found a very simple way to deal with this issue, it comes with an easy to clean and easy to remove plastic tray that is located at the bottom of freezer drawer.

The control panel is very annoying and is not user friendly. It is seen that most of users don’t uses or touches the control on their unit unless there isn’t a problem or they’re plugging it in for the first time. The each function has its individual button, means users don’t have to learn all the controls while performing a single operation.

Those people who like gadget-heavy units it is ideal for them.

It is seen that this model has produced exceptional results, despite of its low budget and power consumption. The food preservation is excellent and there are no chances of its spoilage for 2 or 3 days. If the food gets a bit warm or temperature goes below average than there is nothing to worry as it has easy fix. The user just has to adjust the thermostat a bit and that’s all it’s done. The crispers balanced the temperature by retaining more moisture than all of its previous models, and this has been very much appreciated by the users.

If we take a look at freezer, this is where things get a bit unpredictable and inconsistent, obviously it keep the things cold but in some cases it is seen that temperature goes well above and below the 0ºF. To overcome this issue it is advised to turn the thermostat way down than standard temperature if one is planning to store the things for long term.

In conclusion we can say that Electrolux EI27BS26JS can store substantial amount of usable space, the power consumption is incredibly low and freezing times are also acceptable. It’s a bit expensive but definitely worth to buy it because it has best features present in any of $2,699 unit. Its produces solid performance everyday and rarely a problem are observed in this model.

4.66 avg. rating (92% score) - 13 votes