Dryer Repair

When your dryer isn’t working properly, there are things you can do before calling the repair service. We are here to offer you troubleshooting tips with symptoms that often occur, based on customer service reply. Simply check if one of your symptoms is here and you’ll learn about possible solutions.

A dryer is basically a big drum in which we put our wet clothes. A motor with a coil turns that drum. Warm air, heated by a gas or electric heater, streams through the drum to dry the clothes. The speed and the temperature of the dryer are regulated by thermostats. A dryer has a door switch that turns on the dryer, so it wouldn’t work unless the door is completely closed. Before you start fixing your dryer, ensure that it is unplugged.

Disassembling the dryer

There are a few different methods on how to disassemble the dryer, depending on the model of the machine. But some basic procedures are the same. Unscrew the fasteners when needed and pull out the knobs. Most parts only require the removal of the back panel. You shouldn’t take apart the rest of the cabinet until you ensure that you can’t fix the problems form the back. If the light is out, you might need to  take out the rest of the screws and panels. Replace the bulb with a new one.

Cleaning the dryer

Apart from drying our clother, dryers eliminate lint. This could cause problems if it clogs the dryer. When this happens, the dryer will have difficulties drying. In order to avoid this, you should clean the lint trap system each time you used the dryer. Just pull it up, remove the collected lint and put the screen back into the door.

dryer-repairDoor gasket

The door is sealed with a gasket that keeps the air from entering and exiting. Damaged gasket can lower the efficiency, because the temperature would fluctuate. You can check it by holding paper near the rim. If the gasket is faulty, the sheet of paper will flutter. If the gasket is damaged in any way, it must be replaced with a new one.

Start switch

The start switch does not get broken usually, but it can happen. You can test it with a VOM, and if it the reding is high, the switch is broken and you must replace it.


The thermostats control the temperature in the dryer. They are usually situated near the fan housing and sometimes they stick and cause problems. You should remove the control panel to test or replace the thermostat.


Timer is situated in the back of the control panel. It regulates various elements in the dryer – the time of drying, the movement of electricity towards the heater, and the movement of power towards the timer motor. You could clean and adjust the timer, but it would be better if it was done by a professional repairman, because it can be a tricky process.

These are just some of the possible problems that can occur, and you can probably resolve by following our advice. If you take care of your dryer properly, it will work for a long time.


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