Counter Depth Refrigerator

When you plan on having a new kitchen, you should think about all the possible things that are going to happen in there, from setting down your groceries to unloading your dishwasher, not to forget all the limitations you have. With that in mind, think about the design of your kitchen with a freestanding or a counter depth refrigerator.

Your large freestanding refrigerator could impact the great look of your kitchen. Maybe you bought it because it was on sale, had great features (-> must-have refrigerator features) and you thought it would fit. But, when you bring it back home, you find out that it doesn’t! Usually, nobody returns it, because it is either too late or too much trouble. That’s why it is important to select the right refrigerator for your kitchen, and a counter depth refrigerator is just the right choice for you.

counter depth refrigerator
Different sizes adjust to different needs, and also depend on different brands and styles.
A counter depth refrigerator (or a cabinet depth refrigerator) is designed to complement your cabinets and your kitchen. They are often more stylish than regular refrigerators, but often have less storage space.

Their regular dimensions are between 23’’ and 27’’ (58 to 68 cm) in depth, while standard refrigerators are usually between 30’’ and 34’’ (76 to 86 cm) in depth.

Different sizes adjust to different needs, and also depend on different brands (see more on top refrigerator brands) and styles. It is measured along with doors, space in the back, and handles, so be careful whether the manufacturers were honest, because it may not fit into your kitchen if you don’t have the correct dimensions

Counter depth refrigerators should not be confused with built-in refrigerators. Built-ins are designed to be in sync with your cabinets and kitchen, and are usually too expensive because they require the entire kitchen to be remodeled.

Counter depths are more expensive that regular refrigerators, but less expensive than built-ins. They also don’t require a kitchen remodel. This is the reason most people choose counter depths.

Popular options are stainless steel refrigerators, black, or white counter depth refrigerators, but you can also buy some different color.

There are different models of the counter depth refrigerators. Side-by-sides, bottom-freezers or top-freezers. Most of them are side-by-side models, with a freezer on the left, and a refrigerator on the right.

They are usually taller and wider than regular refrigerators, because they lack depth in storage space.

French doors can make a big difference because the door swing is not too wide. They have solid temperature performance, are energy efficient and they operate quietly. Additional features may include ice and water dispensers on the doors, touchpad controls, and pullout shelves.

Our advice is to plan your refrigerator with your kitchen remodel. You should make sure you have the right dimensions for this type of a refrigerator and plan ahead. Counter depth refrigerators should leave space in your kitchen, so make sure it is not too large.

Also consider the usable amount of storage, how the temperature is controlled, if it is energy efficient, and other convenient features. You can look for them and buy them at appliance stores.

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