Common Problems

samsung refrigerator repairFor many homeowners, the refrigerator is the most expensive and vital electronic owned. Keeping it in tiptop condition is important, so knowing some of the common problems to avoid can be very helpful.


It is not uncommon to be hit by a wave non-fresh odour upon opening the refrigerator door. Usually this is as a result of smelly food left in open containers, spillages and build up of bacteria. The remedy to this problem is to ensure all food is stored in sealed containers or wrapped in plastic paper bags. This limits the amount of smell that will permeate the enclosed air. Once in a while a spillage will occur. When it is not cleaned up it not only causes bacteria to build up, compromising other foods also in storage, it also causes odour build-up. If the refrigerator has been thoroughly cleaned but a smell persists, one can place a bowl of some baking soda dissolved in water inside. The odour will be absorbed and leave the device fresh smelling. Every owner should have a regular cleaning regimen to keep their appliance neat and clean.

Overworked Motors

Most refrigerator repairs are done to correct the working of the motor. The motor is the engine of the appliance and in order to keep it running smoothly proper maintenance is required. One way in which to reduce the workload on the motor is to keep the coils in the back of the refrigerator properly aerated and clean. One can do this by leaving a gap of a few inches from the wall in the back available and vacuuming the dust off the coils weekly. Another way of caring for the motor is to ensure the temperature inside the device is kept fairly constant. That means keeping the door of the refrigerator properly closed when not in use and using the lowest setting needed. The gaskets also ensure that when the door is shut it effectively blocks out external warm air. Keeping the gaskets clean will ensure this function is carried out unabated.

Most of the current refrigerators in the market have auto defrost functions that ensure that the ice in the freezer section does not become too much. Older models will require the occasional manual defrosting with the appliance being switched off for some hours to allow the ice to melt. To ensure energy conservation, ensure the ice does not develop past quarter of an inch in thickness.

It also helps to ensure that when arranging the foods on the shelves, adequate space is left in-between to allow for easy circulation of air. When the motor is overworked, one can hear it running faster and harder. When this occurs check on how to reduce its workload.

Power Fluctuation Effects

As electronic devices, refrigerators are vulnerable to any power fluctuations. Given that they need a constant power supply to run properly, it is necessary to take pre-emptive action to protect them.  There are relatively inexpensive gadgets one can use to act as a buffer so that even during a power surge, the appliance is secure. Refrigerator guards are easily available in stores and offer peace of mind when it comes to energy supply.

Given that refrigerators are bought for long term use, it is inevitable that there will be problems that will develop even with proper maintenance being undertaken by the owner. When this happens, it is advisable to get a professional in to carry out the refrigerator repairs. Stick to well known service providers with a proven track record. This way you can be assured of quality work and the best parts are used to fix the appliance.
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