Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are very much like residential refrigerator, but are usually bigger, cost more and are of higher technology. They are mostly used in the restaurant business where it is important to hold considerable quantities of perishable products, or in convenience stores to keep cold drinks. There are many commercial refrigerators with different designs and additional features, and it can be hard to choose which one to buy. We will try to help you with some tips.

First of all, decide what kind of a refrigerator you need. For example, if you need to keep huge amounts of food, but still preserve space, you need a pass-through refrigerator.

If you own a restaurant and need to keep your prepared food cold, choose a worktop with a refrigerator underneath. In a convenience store, it is best to have a refrigerator as a stand-up drink holder, a countertop drink holder or a display case. That is, you need to pick a specific refrigerator for your business.

Commercial Refrigerator
When you buy your commercial refrigerator, there are some things to keep in mind in order for it to work longer.
The next step is to select your dimensions, both external and internal. You need to measure the spot where your refrigerator should be, and don’t forget to measure height, width and depth.

Each refrigerator can hold a certain amount of cubic feet, but keep in mind that external dimensions do not mean that the interior is huge.

You need to know how much food will be kept in your refrigerator, because big commercial refrigerators can be quite expensive, so you need to assess accurately how big it should be.

Also, look for your refrigerator online, or try to find local retailers through their web sites. Browse the sites to see various models and their costs. Visit the retailers you found, ask for catalogs, and then compare different prices and models.

Study cheaper and more expensive brands of commercial refrigerators. Expensive brands are more reliable, but also study newer brands with a unique style for a better price.

Select the brand you want and then ask the retailer about warranties, assistance and possible repairs.

When you buy your commercial refrigerator, there are some things to keep in mind in order for it to work longer. It all depends on dust, corrosion, drainage and gaskets. When dust gathers on your compressor, it prevents it to work in a efficient way.

This causes the compressor to work harder for a longer period of time and then it burns out. So, clean the dust regularly. Acidic foods should be kept covered, because they can create corrosion in your refrigerator. It would be best if you could keep your complete supplies in plastic containers.

Drains should be kept clean, because blocked drains cause a build-up of condensation and the condenser won’t be able to work properly. Gaskets should be checked regularly, because they prevent air to come in or come out your refrigerator.

We hope we helped you with our advice. When you finally decide on which refrigerator to buy, remember to keep it in excellent order by following our tips to prevent expensive repairs.

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