BOSCH LINEA 300 Series B22CS30SNS Rrefrigerator Review

Bosch Linea refrigeration has been satisfying the demands of millions of customers all over the world. Bosch Linea exclusively offers 300 Series B22CS30SNS. 36″ Side-by-Side Refrigerator stacked with various eminent characteristics like Multi-Flow Cooling System, Dual Evaporator, AirFresh Filter and Humidity Controlled Drawer.

Frameless Exterior:
This model has got decent and simply classic look as it has frameless exterior which makes it look simple yet classic.

BOSCH LINEA 300 Series B22CS30SNS Refrigerator
Capacious Interior:
The chief and most important feature is its spacious interior. You can place your whole lot of food stuff in the Refrigerator zone.

It provides spill-proof wide and spacious Glass Shelves and Door Bins providing different heights for the containers, cans, jars, beverages, gallons and more plus a crisper for fruits and vegetables.

While in freezer zone, there are adjustable Shelves and Door Bins.

Stainless Steel Deluxe Look and Towering Doors:

At the present, people with classic taste go for Stainless Steel Refrigerator because it gives sophisticated look to your Kitchen Décor.

This Stainless Steel 2-Door Refrigerator gives your kitchen an incredible look. The 2 long Stainless Steel Doors without any grill or joints makes your refrigerator smooth and elegant. So make your kitchen interior adorably enhanced with this ideal Refrigerator.

Frameless Ice and Water Filter Dispenser with LED Light:

It features Ice and Water Filter Dispenser with touch display just on the exterior of right door. So you can easily get fresh and filtered water and crushed or cubed ice without opening the Refrigerator. In addition to this feature, there you get LED Light with the dispenser which illuminates the glass or jug or full-sized container so it helps you not to over fill the water.

Hide-Away Water Filter:
It is supported with Hide-away Water Filter that maximizes storage volume.

Two-fold Evaporator:
Two-fold Evaporator preserves the fridge and freezer air flows and odors separate.

BOSCH LINEA 300 Series B22CS30SNS Refrigerator
BOSCH LINEA 300 Series B22CS30SNS Opened
Spill-Proof Glass Shelves:

Unlike the antiquated grill shelves, it carries Spill-proof glass shelves which not only make your stuff stable on smooth glass surface but in case, if something spills over on one shelf then the other shelves below won’t get messy.

Full Extension Drawer:

It features Full extension Drawer even if door is opened at 90° angle, which makes your reach to your food stuff easy.

Hygienic Atmosphere

Antibacterial wall coatings provide a hygienic and healthy atmosphere to the interior.

Dispenser Control Lock:

Dispenser Control Lock stops small kids from functioning or making changes without your direction.

Super Cool Characteristic:

It is powered by Super Cool Technology which rapidly levels the temperatures of chilled items and recently placed stuff.

Automatic Door Alarm:
Usually kids find attraction in Refrigerators and they may spoil your party dishes or other important food items so here it also provides an Automatic Door Alarm which makes you alert when door is remained open for more than one minute deliberately or unintentionally.
Shelves and Bins:
Fridge area has 4 Shelves and 3 of them are adjustable plus Two Door Bins. Whereas, the Freezer Area contains 2 Shelves and 5 Door Bins.

Super Freeze:
It possesses Super Freeze Technology which rapidly levels the temperatures of frozen stuff and recently stored stuff.

Energy Star®:
This Refrigerator powered by Energy Star® is approved and highly effective for you if you want to save your money on electricity bills.

Available color:
It is available in alluring Stainless Steel.

Bosch Linea offers you Warranty of All-parts, compressor-parts and compressor & sealed system parts for 2 years. And labor Warranty for 1 year.

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