Best French door Refrigerators in 2013

Samsung RF4287AARS
Samsung RF4287AARS Drawers Open
The main task of a refrigerator is to preserve foods for a longer time.

An ideal refrigerator should be energy efficient, reliable and offers a lot of storage capacity.

In this article, we have compiled a summary of top two French door refrigerators of 2013 along with their brief description.

The Samsung RF4287HARS French door refrigerator is capable of storing 28 bags of groceries and keeps food fresh and hygienic courtesy to its Twin Cooling Plus technology.

One can enjoy remarkable flexibility in the food storage due to its flip up and slide in shelves.
Its luxurious gray interior and awesome LED lighting make the inside as charming and beautiful as the outside.

Like other Samsung products, it is energy star qualified and easily exceeds the federal standards for energy efficiency by which one can save a lot of money. The premium, tall and wide external water& ice dispenser delivers filtered water and cubed or crushed ice directly to your bottle or glass.
The digital control panel is very user-friendly and easy to use. The soft LED display keeps one informed about temperature, filter status and other things.

The Twin cooling system is really appreciated by the users because the cooling systems are independent for fridge and freezer so that fruit, vegetables and meat will stay fresh for longer times. It also has a door alarm feature, which notifies the user if the unit is left open for long time.

The water filter indicator let one know when the time to change filter is, usually it is recommended to change filter after every six months. Samsung RF4287HARS premium dispenser, contoured doors, sleek and comfortable handles offers it an exceptional exterior. If we take a look at interior gray trim, soft blue LED and tempered glass shelves definitely provides a luxurious inner look.

Second top French door refrigerator of 2013 is GE GFSS2HCYSS. The trends in kitchen decoration are changing every day, so one need to change refrigerator with it so that it suits the kitchen perfectly. However, there is nothing to worry as GE is the leader in refrigerator design and style. With GE, one thing is sure that consumer never has to sacrifice on quality or style.

It offers no water or ice dispenser, no fancy options and no external control panel. What this unit offers is exclusive and sophisticated performance. The temperature in both fridge and freezer were consistent and there isn’t any fluctuation seen in them. The drawers are spacious and retained adequate amount of moisture and energy consumption was also reasonable as it is energy star qualified unit.


If we take a look at its design, it has a bit of curvature as we move toward the top of door and stainless steel finish makes it worth looking and attractive.

In most of the stainless steel refrigerators, the fingerprints are easily shown up, which make it look faded; this problem has been overcome in GE GFSS2HCYSS.

The interior is traditional with some adjustable and fixed shelves, which allows one to have customization according to his family need; however, there isn’t any revolutionary.

The performance is really impressive because the internal temperature stayed consistent, which shows that the refrigerator does an excellent job in preventing the freezer burn.

In conclusion, we can say that it is a solid refrigerator with superb energy efficiency and great moisture retention.

The drawbacks include moving the heavy shelves present inside the fridge and lack of water/ice dispenser.

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